The phrase “training video” already sounds like work. Typically you picture an employee passively watching something very dry and boring, with a single camera locked down on a monotone “host” who rattles off power point slides and then quizzes them at the end.  Technically, yes, that is a training video, but that’s not how it works at ECG Productions.

Attention equals retention!  When you’re aiming to teach your employees important concepts or techniques, your only hope of having them retain that information is to grab their attention and never let go.  Every viewer is a professional when it comes to spotting shoddy video production values and poorly written content.  Everyone with a television and an internet connection can identify a weak video instinctually.  They’ll start to tune out instantly, and once you’ve lost their attention, you’ve lost your ability to instruct them effectively.


Our training videos are fun, interactive, engaging and most importantly, they look and sound great.  It won’t feel like a chore to fire up the latest volume of your training series when the content is entertaining and visually interesting.  Just like a great teacher makes class exciting, a great training video makes employee education something to look forward to, rather than dread.

The ECG team has created comprehensive, multi-platform, multi-volume training series for clients like The Capital Grille, Big Brothers Big Sisters, and UPS.  Whether your employees are viewing in a classroom setting, on their mobile device, on their laptop or on their Blu-ray or DVD player, they’ll have top quality, interactive training materials right at their fingertips.  We create training videos that maintain the integrity of your brand.  Videos you’d be proud to have someone outside your organization see.  Don’t torture you employees, train them!  Unlock the power to educate your staff with high-quality, entertaining, engaging video content they’ll be excited to watch.

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