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Staff from the Camera Department prepares a shot.

Camera Department

Camera departments may be the most important aspect of video production, and they encompass much more than just cameras! Learn more about ECG’s own here.

Stop motion animation set with miniature WWI soldier walking

Stop Motion Animation

ECG is a one stop shop for producing top stop motion animation. Explore one of the most historic styles out there!

Get Your Film Distributed

How To Get Your Film Distributed

Learn how to get your completed film distributed without worrying about a major studio picking it up. These tips get you thinking in the right direction for success.

Building the Title Red Epic Rig (ikan)


Learn to build a Tilta RED Epic rig using the perfect kit of components. You’ll get multiple mounting points and everything you need to arm your camera for action.

ikan field monitor D5w


ikan continues to impress with its available gear and we love to use it. Check out our review of the ikan field monitor and why it’s worth having.