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    Time to take a bow at the Cannes Awards Honestly, Resurgens Orthopaedics is one of our favorite clients. This video for the Cannes Awards shows why they’re also Georgia’s favorite orthopaedics practice. The Cannes Awards are all about crafting an effective message. So, when our writing team penned the script...
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    Of course Mercedes turned to us again in 2018! Every year, we look forward to shooting these gorgeous commercials for Mercedes-Benz. This time, we captured the sleek design of the new 2018 C-Class Cabriolet. As a presenter, Mercedes Product Manager Keith was an expert in all things Mercedes. While he...
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    This Mini-Doc for Sony led us into Uncharted territory… For years, Sony PlayStation’s My Road to Greatness promotion has given lucky fans the experience of a lifetime. We’re talking huge mega-events complete with crazy cool giveaways and jaw-dropping reveals. So, after another awesome year helping shoot Sony’s E3 Theatrical Experience, they...
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    Anheuser-Busch: The Proper Pour from ECG Productions on Vimeo. Shot on location at the Budweiser brewery in St. Louis, Missouri, ECG partnered with CSE to produce a series of eight original training videos targeting bartenders and bar managers who serve Budweiser products. Our team was able not only to shoot...
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    The SCUF Gaming controller Infinity 4PS for Sony PlayStation 4 This animation shows all of the features of the newest SCUF Gaming controller, the Infinity 4PS for Sony PlayStation 4. Our in-house animator team took things to the next level by creating real-time fluid simulations to enhance the original 3D...