Intriguing Animation: Evaluating A GEICO Commercial


Special effects used to happen a lot less often in video. Mostly, that was due to the cost and time it took to get things to look just right. The Creation Of Animations Have Evolved.

Today, thanks to computers, and the talented graphic designers and animators out there, there’s so much more opportunity to try something a little different.

In commercials especially, the inclusion of a few special effects that merge live action with Animation have created memorable moments and improved brand identity. The GEICO commercial does it better than almost anyone else.

GEICO and the Gecko

It’s a match made in heaven, GEICO and the green gecko with the perfect accent. Not only is he memorable, but there’s something particularly endearing about watching him walk around in the real world, dodging people and items that to him, are larger than life.

While he’s too cute to look away, you’re also not clicking him off. People are watching the whole commercial. They want to see the computer-animated lizard in a live-action world. And, even if they’re not listening closely, by watching, you’re hearing GEICO’s message and getting to know the brand better.

This combination is perfect. What’s even better, it fits the tone of GEICO’s entire marketing strategy — a straightforward presentation of important information in a surprising way. The gecko isn’t the only spokesperson who embodies this vibe for the brand. GEICO does a great job of sharing their commercials so you can watch them on-demand and see who else has nailed it in a GEICO commercial. 

Why computer-generated is better than someone in a suit

GEICO figured out a special combination of styles when it landed on its gecko. Something about the fact that this computer-generated animal looks real makes a difference. The animation style quietly conveys how serious the brand is about its insurance. Someone dressed up in a costume or a spokes-lizard, with a more cartoony look, wouldn’t have had the same impact.

It’s important to recognize that style matters when incorporating an animated piece to your commercial. You want the design and animation style to fit the rest of the commercial as well as your brand.

Using computer animation for this particular lizard allowed animators to make the gecko move in a more realistic way, assuming lizards walked on two legs. He fit better in the live action part of the commercial because he looked as real and it actually is.

The benefits of adding animation

Combining live action and animation is a great tool to use to enhance your commercial. Combining different types of video content makes any footage more exciting. It can also help clarify your message as viewers are more engaged so listen better.

When you add a little animation to a concept that began as live-action, you’re able to create a more unique method for delivering your marketing message. It automatically makes your story more compelling.

Mixing it up can help you create:

  • Stronger brand awareness
  • Better communication with your audience
  • Deeper insight into a product or service

It can also improve customer retention and help with conversions. 

Mix it up with ECG Productions

Adding animation into live-action requires a knowledge team of animators and production staff. They’ll not only take your idea from page to screen, but can help you conceptualize your strategy based on what’s possible and what isn’t.

With a creative eye, plenty of industry knowledge, and the desire to constantly innovate, the team at ECG Productions is a perfect pick for a commercial project like this. Let us take your commercial to new heights. Contact us today to get the conversation started.

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  1. This GEICO commercial truly captivates with its intriguing animation! The creative use of visuals not only grabs attention but also effectively communicates the message. The seamless blend of humor and storytelling showcases the power of animation in advertising. Kudos to the team behind this commercial for delivering a memorable and entertaining piece. Looking forward to more innovative animations from GEICO!

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