NaviHealth | Guiding the Way – Animated Explainer

Animation helps naviHealth guide the way to better healthcare

Animation is a fantastic medium to convey complex concepts, and no one will ever accuse healthcare of being easy to understand. That’s why naviHealth needed an animated explainer video for their nH Predict software. They needed to communicate the benefits of their revolutionary nH Predict system to companies and consumers alike, and do so on a tight budget. We’ve got a long history of making kick-ass animated explainers. So we were ready and willing to forge a plan for this project. Quickness, punchiness, and above all, clarity, were the name of the game.

Of course, clarity starts in the writer’s room! Like most projects we tackle, time was of the essence. But we still worked closely with naviHealth’s team to comprehend their service on a molecular level. You can’t write awesome scripts when you don’t really understand the subject matter, so we did exhaustive research. We coordinated with subject matter experts at every turn. And once we had a full grasp on naviHealth, we crafted a video script that’s both in-depth and digestible.

Next: on to animation!

Once the copy was written, the visuals decided, and the voiceover recorded (G&E and editor extraordinaire, Collin Ingram, provided the in-house talent) it was time to animate! This video features a blend of 2D animation and screen-capture footage of the actual nH Predict process. That combo might sound easy, but without an expert hand guiding the integration it can look super wonky. But, lead animator David Hixon did an awesome job making it look seamless and natural. First, he meticulously mapped out the pop-up graphics. Then, he tracked the motion of a new cursor icon, to improve the look.

Budget constraints and tight deadlines have made mincemeat of countless projects, from blockbusters to indie shorts. But we managed to turn this elaborate concept into an easily-digestible piece of content, lasting less than two minutes! We like to think of it as a case-study in the importance of skills, comprehension, and experience.




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