Music Videos

Oh boy. Music videos — some of the hardest content to create, but some of the funnest sets to be on. Everyone at ECG has a great story from “that one time I was on set filming a music video”. One of our best stories hails from the shoot for hip hop artist Freetown’s song Life of the Party. Our crew travelled to Miami, ready for a full day shoot in a swanky beach mansion location, only to have the artist no-show on the day. We made the most of it though, and, although it’s not what we envisioned, we still think the video turned out pretty great. That’s really the magic of music videos — anything goes. It’s a chance for us to realize some pretty amazing, off-the-beaten-path concepts and experiment with new methods of lighting or camerawork. We always get excited when the opportunity to create a music video comes our way.

Music Videos Portfolio