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Unscripted Reality TV Production

While early reality television conformed to a fairly narrow production formula, modern reality-style content spans a wide-range of genres, scenarios and subject matters, bringing with it an even wider span of production scenarios and challenges for producers to contend with.

The team at ECG Productions got its start producing reality content under extremely tough conditions. Namely: low budget, high volume, and short turnaround. What that means (in addition to a history of lots of late nights and a serious coffee habit) is that we’ve literally been battle-tested when it comes to producing quality reality-style content.

We got our chops for the process working in the trenches, grinding out episodes and creating stories even when the content wasn’t as strong as we would have liked it to be.

An unscripted reality TV cameraman focuses on his subject. Unscripted reality TV cast mingling at midday. A wideshot of an unscripted reality TV cast at sunset

Combined we’ve produced over 1,000 individual episodes of reality television for various national cable outlets and we’ve learned plenty in the process. But the most important lesson has been: story is king.

Without an amazing story, your show will never have the opportunity to draw and retain an audience, and in turn, start earning advertising dollars. And the promise of advertising dollars is EXACTLY what will make or break your chances of getting your show made.

We’ve cultivated a strong stable of industry contacts and we’ve run our share of pitch meetings. In short: when it comes to reality television, we’ve been around the block and we’re ready to harness the power of our experience and our knowledge to bring your show concept to the screen.

If you’ve got a fleshed out concept for a show, a pilot you’re ready to shoot or just a crazy group of characters too compelling not to be on television, ECG Productions can help you develop your unscripted series, produce a pilot or short-run and get it in front of key decision makers.

Let us put our years of experience in the reality television space to work for you!