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Haley Kask

Associate Producer

Haley was born in Minnesota (Go Vikings!) and raised here in Georgia. She is often spotted and recognized for her cool hair, awesome dance moves, and love for everything Disney and Broadway-esk. She could listen to and watch Hamilton multiple times without shame or pause. Makeup consumes half of her heart, as it is one of her favorite ways to pass time. If Haley is not trying out new makeup looks or watching musicals, she likes to spend time with family, friends, and her furbabies.

Haley has worked with ECG for a few years now, but it has been an on-and-off relationship. She was lucky to meet someone at a “People in Film” meeting who recommended her to fill in for ECG’s Office Manager for a few weeks. After that short time, she moved to NY for a few years to see what life was like in a different city. While there, she worked at a marketing agency and was able to travel a lot! She visited many countries in Europe and fell in love with Italy. She moved back to Georgia 2 years later, and it was then that ECG asked if she would like to come back and be the Office Manager. Once COVID hit the job was put on hold. She had found another job in the meantime and eventually was able to come work 1 day a week at ECG again to help out the producer team when needed. Finally! The stars aligned and she is a full-time employee and enjoying every second!

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