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    Cameron Shaw


    Cameron left his native Long Island to attend college at Brandeis University, in Massachusetts. He graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Film, Television, and Interactive Media, despite the challenges of being a New York Yankees fan in Boston. His love of storytelling chased him to Atlanta in 2017 and, since joining the ECG team, he’s contributed both his writing and editing skills to many projects. Cameron is constantly searching for new stories and creative ways to tell them. He spends most of his spare time reading, at the movies, or planning ECG’s next session of Dungeons and Dragons.
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    Maybe you’ve heard of this little thing called cryptocurrency. The folks at Core Scientific are at the cutting edge of this exciting technology. We stay on the cutting edge of our industry too, so teaming with Core Scientific was a natural fit. We journeyed to their facility, and captured some...
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    Arguing over movies is the rare activity that’s as frustrating as it is entertaining. Sometimes, when you’re lucky, you end up changing someone’s mind or helping them realize a new perspective on a movie they hated. Most times, you just end up yelling at each other. Yet we do it...
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    This is my inevitable Dungeons & Dragons blog post Dungeons & Dragons is in the midst of a renaissance. With the release of 5th Edition, and shows like Critical Role and The Adventure Zone capturing impressive audiences, the game is more accessible than it’s ever been. Anyone here at ECG...
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    Audio is a mysterious area of production to many people. I say that as one of those people, by the way. I graduated from college with a degree in film and television, and no one bothered to explain anything to me about sound design. What’s the difference between a lavalier...
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    The internet is full of people extolling the benefits of 360 virtual reality video. They’re sure about this, but it’s very difficult to find anyone who can give specifics. There’s a reason for that: the ‘rules’ have yet to be written. There may be a lot of people who will...
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    Colorful fingers dance over a human foot piano. A girl plucks the imaginary strings of a dancer’s-leg guitar in time. An orange party gel catches fire from the heat of an HMI light. It’s ECG Productions’ shoot of the new 16OS music video, “Lil Freak”. “For some reason, those party...
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    Imposter Syndrome is something you might hear writers talk about. It's the secret fear that sooner or later everyone will figure out that you have no idea what you’re doing and reject you forevermore. In reality, it’s something that can affect anyone. You experience a degree of success and you’re...