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Cameron Shaw

Hi! You’ll find a little bit of everything in the stuff I write about here. As a writer, director, assistant director, and editor, I’ve got a lot to say about nearly every aspect of production, so, statistically, there’s a decent chance you’ll find some topic here that’s relevant to your interests. Hopefully, it’ll be interesting and informative, and fun! Failing that… I write about other stuff, too! You’ll see me write about sports, film analysis, film analysis through the lens of sports…. I’ll also talk about set life, share tales from my edit cave, or the writing room. There will be books (I’m a sci-fi and fantasy nerd), food (whether it’s cooking or going out to eat, there’s very little about this subject I don’t love), and D&D (I’ll refer you back to the whole “sci-fi and fantasy nerd” situation from before). I would write about the importance of scotch whiskey in the workplace, but I’m told 10,000 word essays as blog posts aren’t really a thing. For a little background: I came to ECG as an intern in the summer of 2017. I made the long trip down from New York, following a brief stint as a barista. The caffeine addiction came with me but I left my beloved Yankees behind because I was (and I remain) enamoured with video. I love telling stories, solving problems, and seeing a challenging edit come together. Since I moved to Atlanta, I’ve been lucky enough to work with a team of incredibly talented people who feel the same way. Whether we’re working late to hit a deadline, or up before dawn to catch the perfect light for the day’s first shot, I’m always grateful to have this group with me. I learn from them all the time, and I’m excited to give you a glimpse into the work we do!

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