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Video Production & Post-Production Services

Entertainment Creative Group is truly a full-service production company. We pride ourselves on our ability to facilitate every phase of production and post-production in-house with minimal need for third-party contractors. In addition to the standard services typically offered by our competition, we are able to offer original music composition, sound design, voiceover recording, compositing, 3D animation, broadcast quality color grading & audio mixing and multi-platform delivery, all under one roof.

Atlanta Georgia Video Editing

Our main goal with any content we produce is to make it both engaging and entertaining.  We understand that in order to hold and maintain a modern audience’s attention, the finished product must be visually stimulating as well as informative.

We offer round-the-clock customer service, effective collaboration and—most importantly—quality content. We won’t stop working until you are 100% satisfied with the final product.

All content produced by ECG Productions is only considered complete once it meets rigorous broadcast quality standards (even if the content is not intended for television broadcast) for both audio and video.

Our definition of success is an engaging final product that both the client and producer are completely satisfied with, produced to such high- quality specifications that it easily stands up to viewing not only on a laptop but also a modern commercial theater screen.

For more in-depth descriptions, please feel free to browse our complete list of service offerings.

ECG Video Production Services