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    If you’ve been on Youtube, Soundcloud or Spotify (…) lately, or if you're remotely interested in modern music, you’ve probably started to notice a trend. Producers are using distinct, strange, and sometimes very familiar sounds, especially with their use of percussions. This has had a huge impact on the way...
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    Simple, yet effective outdoor advertising at its best. You may see this headline and think, “Isn’t outdoor advertising just billboards? Why would a billboard need video?” Just like so many other mediums, outdoor advertising is going digital. Billboards are so much more than the simple, flat signs that stoically line...
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    A finished Adobe Premiere Pro project: ready for your drinking pleasure! Getting larger scale projects like episodic television shows or a documentary can be really fun. Scrubbing through new footage, discovering those little captured moments, even organizing copious amounts of assets in a new project gets your creative juices pumping....
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    The ladies of Annihilation Arguing over movies is the rare activity that’s as frustrating as it is entertaining. Sometimes, when you’re lucky, you end up changing someone’s mind or helping them realize a new perspective on a movie they hated. Most times, you just end up yelling at each other....
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    Once again I have come to the rescue of a client who didn’t plan everything out. Too often someone decides to add on a graphic or animation or logo resolve without any warning or enough time. And, as always, I deliver without complaint and prepare, as always, for their feedback....
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    The voice(over) of a film generation. 9 Ways to give the best voice-over performance. There are a lot of people who claim that they would make a great voice-over artist. And, with the drastic variations in voice-over needs nowadays, they could very well be right. There are a few things...
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    Behind the Scenes of “Warning Signs” There’s nothing like the dog days of summer in the South. The sticky-sweet humid afternoons, the omnipresent rhythm of cicadas, the languishing roll of elongated days; it’s all a lovely (albeit sweaty) dream. In the midst of the revery, it’s natural to drift into...
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    Episode 1 Transcript: Mary: Hey, I'm Mary Winter. Kelsey: I'm Kelsey Merriam. Alexxiss: I'm Alexxiss Jackson. Jenn: I'm Jenn Lee. Emily: And I'm Emily Payton. Mary: And we are Rack Focused the podcast about women in production. Today's episode is Boss Babes and we are talking about female run production...