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    This is my inevitable Dungeons & Dragons blog post Dungeons & Dragons is in the midst of a renaissance. With the release of 5th Edition, and shows like Critical Role and The Adventure Zone capturing impressive audiences, the game is more accessible than it’s ever been. Anyone here at ECG...
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    Audio is a mysterious area of production to many people. I say that as one of those people, by the way. I graduated from college with a degree in film and television, and no one bothered to explain anything to me about sound design. What’s the difference between a lavalier...
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    In the past few years I have maintained an ever-growing addiction to indie comic content on Instagram. As you'd imagine, IG serves as a perfect platform for that kind of bite-sized content. These artists maintain a hectic release schedule and often resort to creating content that references their struggle to...
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    Great events—from concerts, seminars, to even corporate huddle ups—are a welcomed treat. People spend so much of their lives following day-to-day routines that both work and play events are a great getaway. And if the event is engaging and fun? BOOM! Huge added bonus. Since the turn of the millenia,...
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    There's No Wires, People! People always ask us: ECG Productions, how do you make such awesome videos? A big part of our success is our amazing team–we're kind of a big deal. However, having great, kick-ass gear also helps a ton. So, to showcase one of our favorite toys, the Blitz...
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    Don'tcha Wish Your 6-Bys Were Hot Like This As hip-hop music mogul and pop culture icon DJ Khaled once famously said, “ANOTHER ONE!” The dynamic duo of Brandon & Collin are back with another hit infomercial! After showing off the amazing reliability of the Blitz 400, our heroes decided to...
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    The only way to make something not awkward is to talk about it I’m having a serious dilemma and I don’t know what to do or how to handle it. I’m hoping that people can contribute to this conversation because I think it’s bigger than just a hug or handshake....
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    This year, Roger Deakins finally won his first Oscar for Best Cinematography after 14 (Four. Teen.) nominations. While it is definitely arguable which film is actually his best work, the sheer beauty, expanse, and complexity of the lighting design in Blade Runner 2049 definitely deserves recognition. Let’s take a look...