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    Animation was a very complex art form at it's origin, and it has come a long way since then. Thanks to constant technological advancements, animation continues to evolve. Each generation seems to hold something new and endearing for the next. The question some would stop to ask is, “What are...
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    A discussion of Bad Taste There are a thousand and one reasons we watch movies. But there is only one reason to watch a bad movie–because it’s fun. What is bad then? Well, there are films whose messages are subtle because the filmmakers made decisions, probably difficult ones, to leave...
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    There are few joys as daunting, few pleasures as unenviable as the start of writing a screenplay. Write up some marketing copy? Sure thing. Draft a basic A/V script for client consumption? You betcha! Bang out a blog for funsies: done lickity split. But no matter how well-outlined the story,...
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    I have worked for Entertainment Creative Group for the past 2 weeks. It has been filled with new and exciting experiences, with a look into my future as a filmmaker. I've had such a productive week of learning the ins-and-outs of both setting up a set and compiling an assembly...
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    When you think of animated films, usually the name Disney comes to mind. Most people can list a cornucopia of films either made by Disney or a Disney-owned property, such as Pixar. However, there are so many other studios out there that make amazing films that deserve more attention. So...
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    If you’ve been on Youtube, Soundcloud or Spotify (…) lately, or if you're remotely interested in modern music, you’ve probably started to notice a trend. Producers are using distinct, strange, and sometimes very familiar sounds, especially with their use of percussions. This has had a huge impact on the way...
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    You may see this headline and think, “Isn’t outdoor advertising just billboards? Why would a billboard need video?” Just like so many other mediums, outdoor advertising is going digital. Billboards are so much more than the simple, flat signs that stoically line the sky as you zoom by on the...
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    Getting larger scale projects like episodic television shows or a documentary can be really fun. Scrubbing through new footage, discovering those little captured moments, even organizing copious amounts of assets in a new project gets your creative juices pumping. You make your first cut. It’s great. You love it. Second,...
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    Arguing over movies is the rare activity that’s as frustrating as it is entertaining. Sometimes, when you’re lucky, you end up changing someone’s mind or helping them realize a new perspective on a movie they hated. Most times, you just end up yelling at each other. Yet we do it...