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The Entertainment Creative Group Team

The key to ECG’s well-earned reputation for consistently meeting and exceeding clients’ expectations lies in a strong commitment to “big picture thinking”. By focusing on efficiency and cost-effectiveness, the ECG Productions Team is able to deliver on-time and on-budget without ever sacrificing the quality of the final product.

Taking a project from conception to script to screen and beyond takes more than just organization and discipline; it takes the passion and drive that can only come from a creative team who loves what they do. Our commitment to realizing our clients’ visions can be summed up in our company tagline: “We take ideas from concept to completion in style”

The ECG Productions team has over 30 years of combined experience producing over 1000 episodes of broadcast television and 5 feature films, most of them under extremely tight deadlines. We know how to produce top-quality multi-platform content, and we know how to do it under even the toughest circumstances. This is a skill set that can't be learned overnight, it can only be gained through years of working together as a finely-tuned unit in every phase of the production process.

Jason Marraccini: Principal - Head of Post-Production Operations


Jason Marraccini graduated from Boston University’s College of Communication in 2001 with a bachelor's degree in Film and Television Production. He has worked on both a full-time and freelance basis in the industry as an editor, post-production supervisor, sound designer, audio mixer, producer and 1st Assistant Director.

After living and working in Boston for 8 years he returned to his hometown of Atlanta to found ECG Productions with long-time friend and collaborator Trey Gregory.

Since launching in 2007 they have taken the company from an unknown startup to one of the premier sources for video production services in the Atlanta market, creating content for clients all over the globe, including Delta Airlines, The Arthur Blank Foundation, Mercedes-Benz, The Travel Channel, Saab, Verizon Wireless, Kimberly-Clark, UPS, Coca-Cola, Aflac, Netgear, Maker's Mark, The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Resurgens Orthopaedics, and General Electric.

Jason has served as lead editor and sound designer on 5 short films, 4 features, numerous commercials and over 200 episodes of broadcast television. He served as lead editor on the indie dramas “The Fat Boy Chronicles” & “Quarterlife Ben” and the documentary feature “The Perfect Human Diet”, as well acting as post-production supervisor on numerous other films and television projects, including the national PBS series “Home Diagnosis”.  As ECG has grown, Jason has mostly moved away from the edit suite to focus more on the growth and operations of the company, as well as managing all in-house post-production operations.

A serial entrepreneur, Jason is also one of the founding partners of Treehorn Cider, a Marietta-based hard cider producer & taproom, as well as numerous side projects. His main focus remains his first company: ECG Productions, where he is most able to combine his passion for both creative work and business.

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Jason Sirotin: Principal - Director


Jason Sirotin’s storied production career has spanned the country and run the gamut of capabilities. Fresh out of college, Jason became a go-to videographer for major syndicates like MSNBC, FOX NEWS, and CNN, and garnered praise from his peers along the way.

Even from behind the camera, Jason’s attention to detail and managerial acumen did not go unnoticed, and with some luck, he began a rapid ascendancy up the production ladder.

Over the next few years, Jason did everything from working as the Head of Production & Programming for the cable network XY.tv, curating and producing content for media giant Howard Stern’s network, Howard TV, and even lead producing feature films. Along the way, Jason not only collected awards and admiration from others in the production industry, he also saw both the teams and the brand impact grow at each place he worked.

In 2007, Jason decided it was time to make the ultimate test of his skills. Joining up with his former XY.tv cohorts, Jason Marraccini and Trey Gregory, the three decided to start their own Atlanta-based production company. And thus, ECG Productions was born.

Since then, ECG has been at the forefront of the Atlanta production scene, producing everything from commercials, tv show pilots, feature films, and music videos. Through it all, Jason’s production-first mindset and keen eye for visuals have kept him at the cutting edge of the industry.

Jason has produced & directed 6 feature films, 500 episodes of broadcast television, countless commercials, and dozens of music videos to date. He doesn’t plan to slow down anytime soon.

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Trey Gregory: Principal - Director of Animation


Trey has been in love with visual storytelling ever since coming into possession of his family’s VHS camcorder, the tool which arguably launched his career in video production, at the age of 10. After being, by far, the coolest nerd on the Video Yearbook staff in highschool, Trey decided to make his relationship with video official by getting a degree from the University of Georgia’s Grady College.

While the ink on his degree was still wet, Trey packed his entire life into four boxes and moved to Boston, where he worked in the trenches of the video production industry and started to formally learn Animation and Visual Effects. After five years in Boston  as the senior producer and director of photography for a variety of nationally televised reality-style programs Trey and long-time friend and collaborator, Jason Marraccini, decided to move to Atlanta and start ECG Productions.

Since launching Entertainment Creative Group Productions in 2007 Trey has acted as the lead animator and visual effects director for ECG. He has created motion graphics used by some of the biggest brands in the world for television commercials, music videos, tv shows, feature films and web videos. Trey is constantly striving to learn more and actually LOVES the feeling of looking at his old work to see how much he grows in ability year after year.

Trey is certainly on fire as an animator, but he’s not just a post-production desk jockey. Trey has directed multiple tv commercials, music videos, and even a feature film. He knows how to write, perform on camera and is even known around the office as “Golden-Pipes Gregory” for his voiceover skills. Being as “humble” as he is, Trey would never tell you that he also functions as a 1st Assistant Director, a position he takes on mostly because he likes to bark at people to get them moving.

Trey spends his non-work hours at home with his wife, 2 children, 16 fish, and 3 cats.

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Jennifer Lee: Colorist | Editor


As ECG’s Senior Colorist, Jenn has a keen eye and mastery of both the technical and creative aspects of storytelling. You can find some of her work on Pottermore, Amazon, and in film festivals, worldwide. Jenn has color graded a wide range of projects from feature films, TV shows, music videos, commercials, and everything in between.

Jenn joined the ECG family in 2014, moving all the way to Atlanta from her sleepy little home town of Whitney Point, New York. Jenn’s drive to refine her color skills led her to study at the International Colorist Academy. At ECG she grew the color department from the ground up, and in 2018 became a full member of the Colorist Society International. 

When she is not behind her spaceship of a desk making everything look cool, you can find helping out Furkids Atlanta with their foster program by bottle-feeding orphaned kittens. Other times she is busy riding her badass 70’s motorcycle, or adding to her collection of even more ‘badass’ anime tattoos. 

Jenn sees her work as a collaboration with the director and the director of photography. Her goal as the Colorist is to elevate what the cinematographer has already captured on set. She loves the killer team that works around her, who let her focus completely on the look and feel of each project, knowing that talented storytellers can take care of the rest. Jenn enjoys being able to bring the finishing touches to all of the projects the come through ECG.

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Mary Winter: Producer


Born and raised in Astoria, NY, Mary Winter had an early appreciation for the performing arts. From a young age, she had the urge to learn every musical instrument she touched.

After graduating from the Frank Sinatra School of the Arts, Mary pursued her love of music by earning her bachelor’s degree in Musical Theatre and Production from the State University of New York at Cortland.

After college, Mary followed her dreams to California, where she experimented with music in the Berkeley area. Upon returning to the east coast, Mary landed in Atlanta and quickly became a part of the ECG Productions team running corporate, music video, film, TV, web and broadcast video projects.

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Collin Ingram: Editor | Writer | 1st AC


Collin Ingram was born and raised in Atlanta and graduated from the University of Georgia in 2015 with a degree in Mass Media Arts and a minor in Theater and Film. At school in Athens Collin enjoyed performing in the city’s growing stand up scene while spending most of his free time working for WUOG 90.5FM, the school’s student-run radio station. Collin has a keen eye for story and joined ECG with the hopes of starting his career in the television and film industry.

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David Hixon: Animator


David earned a BA in Art Studio: Digital Art from George Mason University (GMU) in 2006. The skills he learned there, combined with his eye for detail, earned him a place as an Imaging Specialist at the National Geographic Society headquarters in Washington, D.C. While there he edited, restored, and archived photographs and documents. He specialized in restoring damaged photographs and making highly accurate reproductions of original works as giclee prints. After leaving National Geographic, he moved to Atlanta to return to school so he could follow his true passion: Animation.

In 2014, he graduated magna cum laude from the Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD) in Atlanta with a BFA in Animation and a minor in Technical Direction. He worked as a freelance artist and animator until running into ECG Productions while working on a 48-hour film project and hit it off with the company. He started working for them as a freelance animator before officially joining the ranks in 2016. As a generalist animator, he often has to wear many hats, including 2D animation, camera tracking, motion capture, motion media, and visual effects. He has even worked on-set for several projects as a Production Assistant (PA) or a Visual Effects Supervisor. However, his specialty lies in 3D animation, 3D modeling, digital lighting, and look development. He uses a variety of different software including Autodesk Maya, Adobe After Effects, RealFlow, Renderman, and SynthEyes.

When he isn't busy animating, he is usually doing yoga or nerding out with video games and movies. He owns over 400 Blu-ray titles and collects figurines and toys from his favorite franchises. He has more toys and figurines in his office than anyone else in the company. He has an identical twin brother, but no one knows for sure if he isn't his twin. You'll just have to take their word for it.

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Kelsey Merriam: Editor


From a young age, Kelsey always had a knack for storytelling. In middle school, this love of stories evolved into a passion for acting. Not able to get enough of the performing arts, Kelsey began making home videos with her cousin and sister and even excitedly hosted ‘film premieres' for their families. As a result of these ‘films,' she began seeking ways to get more involved in production in high school, trying her hand at stagecraft, photography and creative writing.

After graduating high school, Kelsey moved to Rome, GA where she intended to get a degree in media journalism at Berry College. She secured a job at the campus' news/television studio, Viking Fusion, and began as a reporter right away. Kelsey quickly realized, though, that journalism was not her true passion when she got a chance to edit one of her news stories. From then on, she was hooked. The rest of her college career, she focused entirely on editing and writing short films, eventually becoming the studio's lead editor. During her time with Viking Fusion, many of these films were nominated and awarded several national awards. In 2016, Kelsey was honored to be nominated for a Southeast Emmy for one of her editing projects. That same year, she graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Visual Communication.

Kelsey began her work with ECG as an intern directly after college. She was hired as an executive assistant in 2016 and began her current job as a full-time editor in 2017. Kelsey is proud to work for such a vibrant and successful team at ECG and looks forward to future adventures with them.

When she is not working, she can usually be found watching the latest horror movie, playing video games with her husband or snuggling her pet guinea pig, Ruby.

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Jordan Nowlin was born and raised in Atlanta, making the jump over to Athens, GA for college where he attended the University of Georgia. He graduated with distinction with degrees in English, Psychology, and Film Studies, and then promptly took his talents to New York City.

While in the Big Apple, Jordan worked in every medium from comic books to music videos, honing his knack for storytelling each step of the way. After a couple of years in the cold, he decided it was time to return home and make his mark on the burgeoning Atlanta film scene.

Since then, he has continued working as a writer/producer for music videos, commercials, and short films. If he’s learned anything about this industry, it’s that no matter the medium, from commercials to Kubrick, the story is always the key to any successful production, and he’s eager to bring those stories to life.

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Emily Payton: Editor


From the age of 6, Atlanta native Emily Payton was obsessed with film and stage production. Growing up, she spent most of her spare time in a theatre, learning everything she could about production.

She eventually followed her passion to Kennesaw State University, where she graduated with a Media Communications degree and certification from the Joel A. Katz Music and Entertainment Business Program. Emily spent her collegiate career in radio and music production while making simple short features on the side.

Fresh out of college, she started freelancing with ECG which eventually became a full-time position as an editor and camera operator. She hopes to help shape perspectives on life, culture, and how we can positively impact our environments through filmmaking. She also loves goats.

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Joe was born and raised in the West suburbs of Chicago. His audio career began to unroll at a young age when he started playing musical instruments. After learning a large variety of instruments, Joe knew he wanted a career in the creative industry. During his high school years, he enrolled in every film course available and immediately fell in love with it.

After learning how the original lightsaber sound was created, he asked himself “wait… there are people out there who make these sounds for a living?! I want to do that!” Joe pursued his new love for audio at Columbia College Chicago in the Audio Arts & Acoustics program. It was there that he learned how to track and mix music while also attending courses for Post-Production Audio.

After graduating in 2016, he chose to focus his career path in Post Audio and to continue recording music as a hobby. After doing a year of freelance work for projects in need of sound design, foley, and mixing, Joe joined the ECG team. Now in Atlanta, he hopes to bring more to the table with his talents in sound.

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Cameron left his native Long Island to attend Brandeis University, in Massachusetts. While there, he played on the Varsity baseball team, and graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Film, Television, and Interactive Media.

His love of storytelling brought him to Atlanta in 2017. Since joining the ECG team, his writing and editing skills have been a tremendous asset.

Cameron is constantly searching for new stories and creative ways to tell them. He spends most of his spare time reading, at the movies, or planning ECG’s next session of Dungeons and Dragons.

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Lisa Ferrell is a seasoned broadcast professional whose background encompasses television series and film development and production/post production for television, film and commercials. Lisa has worked in series and telefilm development for such companies as CBS, Lifetime Television/Hearst Entertainment, NBC and TBS. While at motion capture studio Giant Studios, she was involved in the post-production of films that include New Line Cinema’s “Lord of the Rings” trilogy and Sony Imageworks animated holiday feature “Polar Express” directed by Robert Zemeckis and starring Tom Hanks. She was also instrumental in creating the pilot episode for the long-running “Ripley’s Believe It or Not!” series for TBS and the series “America’s Greatest Pets” for UPN.

Film and TV Production Georgia