Words we live by:

Best Idea Wins!

Our belief is that great ideas can come from anywhere, and we don’t let egos get in the way of that. Whether it’s an idea from an intern, a senior staffer, or the delivery driver making his rounds: when a good idea is put out into the world we explore it!

14 Years in Business + Talent =

ECG's Success

The key to ECG’s well-earned reputation for consistently meeting and exceeding clients’ expectations lies in a strong commitment to “big picture thinking.” By focusing on efficiency and cost-effectiveness, the ECG Team ensures on-time and on-budget delivery of projects without ever sacrificing the quality of the final product.

Taking a project from conception to script to screen and beyond takes more than just organization and discipline; it takes the passion and drive that can only come from a creative team who loves what they do. Our commitment to realizing our clients’ visions can be summed up in our company tagline: “We take ideas from concept to completion in style”

The ECG Productions team has over 70 years of combined experience producing over 1000 episodes of broadcast television and 5 feature films, most of them under extremely tight deadlines. We know how to produce top-quality multi-platform content, and we know how to do it under even the toughest circumstances. This is a skill set that can’t be learned overnight, it can only be gained through years of working together as a finely-tuned unit in every phase of the production, post-production and animation  process.

Why choose us?

Your Success is Our Success

We know video projects take up your time and resources. Our goal is to carry as much of the weight as possible so you and your team can focus on other priorities while we make magic. 

We move mountains for clients, and it shows. Our dedication to service and product quality has made Entertainment Creative Group a global video production, post-production and animation force,


Studio Tour

Visit Our Office & Studio

When you build a brand new, state of the art 20,000 ft. production facility, it’s only natural to want to show it off. Our home away from home is truly at the cutting edge of video production studios. Complete with 15 online edit suites, 3 audio mixing suites, a broadcast quality color suite, 2 supervised editing suites, ample production office space, and more than a few surprises, it’s the office of our dreams. More importantly, we love playing host! So next time we have a meeting—or if you just want to stop by for a drink—just let us know. Our home is your home and we’re excited to share it with you.

Our Team

Ask any of our clients and they’ll tell you the best part of working with ECG is collaborating with our industry-leading staff. With decades of video production experience and a whole lot of passion combined, our team is hands down our best asset. And we’re proud to call ECG our workplace.

Click on any lovely face to learn more!

Jason Sirotin 2020 Headshot
Jason Sirotin | Partner
Jenn Lee 2020 Headshot
Jenn Lee, C.S.I. | Lead Colorist
Cameron Shaw 2019 Headshot
Cameron Shaw | Associate Creative Director
muriel lee 2019 headshot
Muriel Lee | Producer
Melissa St.Clair 2019 Headshot
Melissa St.Clair | Executive Assistant
jason marraccini 2019 headshot
Jason Marraccini | Partner
Mary Winter 2019 Headshot
Mary Winter | Lead Producer
Joe DiCosola 2019 Headshot
Joe DiCosola | Sound Mixer
Anneli Brown headshot
Anneli Brown | Animator & Designer
Wilson Drake Headshot
Wilson Drake | Editor & Grip
Trey Gregory 2020 Headshot
Trey Gregory | Partner
David Hixon 2019 Headshot
David Hixon | Animator
Emily Payton 2019 Headshot
Emily Payton | Editor
Sebastian Chamaca 2019 Headshot
Sebastian Chamaca | DP and Editor
Jordan Nowlin 2020 Headshot
Jordan Nowlin | Director of Video Marketing
collin ingram 2019 headshot
Collin Ingram | G&E
Kelsey Cherney 2019 Headshot
Kelsey Cherney | Editor
Seth Johnson 2020 Headshot
Seth Johnson | Animator

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