Aflac | One Day Pay

Aflac One Day Pay: Web Video Production by ECG Productions Headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia

Getting the opportunity to work on an animated piece for Aflac’s new One Day Pay feature allowed us to bring our post-production department front and center, while also providing a chance to expand our relationship with the talented marketing team at Aflac.

Aflac duck for one day pay campaign

Trey Gregory helmed the project, generating the various 2D and 3D assets with Adobe Creative Suite (After Effects, Illustrator and Photoshop, specifically). We were able to maximize information retention through callbacks to previous Aflac promotions and ad campaigns, as well as kinetic typography elements that reinforce the visual message and the voiceover content, all with the goal of creating a look and feel consistent with Aflac’s current branding and web presence. Once picture locked Jason Marraccini created the sound design elements and final mix to tie the whole piece together.

Animated Plane with Aflac banner

Client: Aflac | Profile: Commercial

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