What Is Pre-Production?

Before the lights, the camera, the action, there is the unsung hero of any great video endeavor: pre-production. Sure, being on set has its own allure; and yeah, post-production is where the story really comes together. But without the thoughtful, meticulous work done in pre-production none of that would even be possible. In short, pre-production is where you build a solid, reliable base that sets your video up for success.

At the risk of being reductive, pre-production is all about two things: top level creative and logistics.

On the creative side, pre-production is all about fine tuning your concept, writing a polished script, storyboarding, etc. Really just doing anything and everything possible to ensure you have a firm grasp on the story you want to weave.

Conversely, the logistical side of pre-production is where you work out how you’ll make that big picture a reality. Who’s the best fit to play this role? Where’s a good place that fits this scene description? Oh, and what will these shoot days actually look like? Knowing the precise answer to all of these questions (and just so, so many more) is the job of any great pre-production team.

Luckily, we have one of the most trusted, on-point pre-production crew in the business.

Getting to Know Our Pre-Production Services

Here at ECG, we know that every detail — no matter how small — is vital to a project’s success. Each phase of pre-production informs the next, which then sets up the production for success. Knowing this, we guarantee the very best in every aspect of pre-production, from casting to scripting, from location scouting to light design. Whether this is just the start of your production journey with us or if you simply need some à la carte assistance with a particular area, we’ve got you covered.

Pre-Production Services

From feature films, to documentaries, to animated explainers, our writing team will craft the perfect tale.


It’s all about the money. Our budgeting for video services make sure you have the best video for your bucks.


If you’re searching for the next “big idea,” look no further! We’ll brainstorm, develop, and actualize something amazing.


Familiar with every type of storyboard, our staff artists can create detailed panels to save you time and money once you’re on set.


These storyboards-in-motion help pin-point the timing of each scene. See your spot in action before even shooting!


Find the perfect actor for any role with the help of our amazing team of casting professionals.


Looking for just the right location for your next production? We’ll help you track it down.


Avoid any on site delays and unforeseen issues with the help of our seasoned location managers.


We’re putting hammer to nail to build you the set of your dreams, one flat at a time!


Our in-house production design team connects with locations, studio sets, and prop houses to bring large and small scale productions to life. Are you ready?

Atlanta Video Producer Muriel Lee

From big ballroom gowns, to doctor’s scrubs, to medieval knight’s armor, our costume design team makes sure your actors look the part.


Need a lion for a scene in your spot? How about an ostritch? Maybe just a cute puppy? We can make that happen.

Jordan podcasting

Receiving complete and objective script coverage from a local source can be invaluable in evaluating your project before you take it to the next stage.


Want to know exactly what your script demands for a successful production? Let us break it down for you.


Props are vital to fleshing out a scene. From baseball bats to baklava, we’ll make sure you have the exact pieces you need.


ECG’s Atlanta Fixers combine Southern Hospitality with invaluable on-location production insight.


Our Los Angeles fixers are ready to show you why L.A. remains the heart of the entertainment industry!

Planning an out of town production in Boston? Make your life easier by leaning on a trusted team to fix you up for guaranteed on site success!


Beautiful, serene New Hampshire makes for a great filming location. With the help of a New Hampshire fixer, you’ll ensure a seamless production.



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