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Welcome To The ECG
Virtual Studio Tour!

Our 27,000+ square foot video production and post-production facility is our state-of-the-art home away from home. From swanky, spacious conference rooms, to client-ready supervised edit suites, to lavish common rooms you’ll never want to leave, the ECG studio has it all.

And that’s just the office area!

We also have 3 separate production-ready studios in our complex. They’re just begging to be filmed in. Each space has a fully-stocked light grid, cyc wall, and our gear warehouse at your disposal. It’s the perfect destination for any studio production, big or small.

But, if this description of video production nirvana seems too good to be true, just take a look around with our virtual tour – we think you’ll like what you see.7

Our Atlanta Video Production Studio

ECG Productions boasts 3 in-complex studios with full audio and video production capabilities. We have full cyc walls in each studio (painted white or green, at your discretion). We’ve equipped each with a rigging grid and 6 pre-hung, DMX-controlled, dual-color temperature LED lights. There’s also constant, easy access to our gear warehouse. And if you need a more robust level of service? We’re happy to provide it! We have a full arsenal of equipment at our disposal, including a cameras, specialty lenses and lights, as well as a deep catalog of art department necessities. Additionally, we’ve decked out each studio with K13 sound-proofing, product tables, and drive-in capabilities for easy loading and unloading.

Our Atlanta Audio Recording and Mastering Suites

Listen up! If you’re searching for the right place for audio recording, sound mixing, or sound design in Atlanta, look no further than ECG. Our studio houses 3 fully-equipped audio suites, each complete with Pro Tools, Adobe Creative Suite, a 4K resolution TV, and, in some cases, a few sweet extras.

Matthew Harriott Audio Suite (Audio 1)

Audio 1

Welcome to the lap of audio luxury! Our on-staff audio engineer, Matthew Harriott, takes audio work very seriously; so it’s only appropriate that we set him up in a serious suite! First of all, his audio hardware is truly kick-ass. We’re talking an Avid S3 Control Surface, Universal Audio Apollo x8p, Genelec 8050A, Genelec 8050B, and a Warm Audio WA76 Limiting Amplifier. That’s some real wide-eyed emoji stuff, right there! But what are the tools without the necessary software? Using Pro Tools Ultimate, iZotope RX 7, iWaves, and Universal Audio, Matthew can conduct a symphony or punch up our latest commercial with equal ease. From the comfortable, spacious area in the back of the room, clients can play co-conductor, offer notes, or just lounge and listen to the music.

Audio 2 (Foley Room)

Let’s be real: is there anything more fun, anything as cool as a foley room? If you’ve ever watched any “making of” videos before, your answer is sure to be “No, foley rooms are pretty much the coolest.” Here at ECG we’ve got our soundproofed Foley suite stocked with some excellent JBL 305P MkII and KRK Rokit speakers, and all the weird instruments you can imagine. From using crackers to make the sound of cracked earth, to squirting bottles of water to add liquid noises, this suite is all about audio experimentation!

Audio 3 (Whisper Booth)

Our Audio 3 suite is the home of our Whisper Booth. A Whisper Booth offers premium sound isolation, perfect for recording voiceovers and music. Amazing tools like Avid Artist Mix, Universal Audio Apollo 8, and a crisp, clear-sounding Neumann TLM 102, make this space an audiophile’s dream. Oh, and it’s got all same software on deck as in Audio 1, so it’s not too shabby on the post end either.

Our Animation Suites

Animation is awesome, there’s no doubt about that. However, it’s often a long, meticulous process, to say the least. During those long hours of key framing, node placing, and layering, we make sure our animators — and any clients popping in to see the spectacle — are comfortable. As such, our animation suites are really and truly something to behold. Just see for yourself…

Trey Gregory's Animation Suite

Trey's suite, only complete with that Snowpiercer poster.

If you’ve ever met Trey before, you know that the only thing he loves more than animating is the Bong Joon-Ho’s 2013 classic, Snowpiercer. Well, that and being one of ECG’s co-owners, of course. Regardless, both Trey’s love of Mr. Joon-Ho’s film and his unique style are on display in his cozy animation office. Replete with alternative movie posters and pop culture memorabilia, sitting in Trey’s animation suite feels like peeking into his inner psyche. Yep, it’s as kooky as you might think.

Oh, and his computer set up is pretty rad, as well. Trey’s SAN-connected workstation is perfect for cranking through some complex animation work. With programs like Element 3D, Newton, and Trapcode Particular at his finger tips, Trey has all the tools he needs to produce some eye-popping animation. That is, when he’s not watching Snowpiercer….

David Hixon's Animation Suite

David's suite, where all the 3D magic happens.

David Hixon is one of ECG Productions’ incredible animation and graphics artists. With over a decade in the business, David has done work for some big-name clients such as Aflac, FOX Sports, Precision Toxicology, PGi, and Acuity Brands Lighting. He’s truly passionate for all things animation. Take one look around his office and it’s readily apparent. His shelves are filled with books on famous animated films, Funko Pops of famous animated characters occupy any open table space, and his walls are covered in posters or artwork of famous animated work. In short, he’s an animator’s animator. 

So whether you’re coming in to watch David work his magic in Maya or After Effects, or just popping in for a drink, you’ll feel right at home in this animation suite.

Seth Johnson's Animation Suite

A man animates using AI tools at ECG Productions in Atlanta
Seth working on character design in his animation suite.

As ECG’s resident bad-ass, it’s no surprise that Seth’s office reads as half animation suite and half scene from a David Fincher film. When you enter Seth’s domain, you’re sure to be serenaded by either the sultry sounds of a Joe Rogan podcast or some moog-based trance music. But either way, you’re certainly in for a spectacular display of animation prowess!

Kick back and relax as Seth flexes his 2D animation skills in After Effects, performs some surgical rotoscoping, or gets artistic on his Wacom Cintiq tablet! 

Anneli Brown's Animation Suite

Anneli's quirky and lovable office, just like her!

Arguably the most fun, funky suite in the entire office, Anneli’s animation suite is the kind of space you just want to be in. She has decorated with a disco ball, a Bob Ross action figure, and tons of her own paintings line the walls. What’s not to love?

Oh, and then there’s Anneli herself (or Red, as we call her). She’s the wildly-talented animator at the helm of the SAN-connected workstation. Whether she’s working up an animated explainer in After Effects or drawing storyboards on her Intuos 4 Wacom tablet, you know Anneli always feels at home in her awesome suite!

Our Color Suites

You’ll be green with envy when you get a load of ECG’s color suites! Or perhaps a little blue that you don’t get to work there all the time? 

Bad color puns aside, our color suites are the definition of state of the art. Each suite comes fully-loaded with a SAN-connected workstation, both the DaVinci Resolve and Adobe Creative Cloud platforms, and, appropriately, some vibrant additions.

Color Suite

The back wall of the color suite is painted a special, non reflective tone of grey.

As our supervised edit suite for color, our color suite features two ultra-comfy recliners with an unobstructed view of her 55″ LG C8 4K TV. From these cushy confines, clients can provide feedback in real time when they stop by. Our colorist  is living large with a state-of-the-art Flanders Scientific monitor as part of her SAN-connected work station. The automated, temperature-controlled (that’s color temperature, by the way) lighting ensures everyone’s eyes are dialed in to the exact tones on screen. No distortions or optical illusions here! Everything about this room is dedicated to the clear perception, manipulation, and appreciation of color.

Color Suite 2

In addition to the splendor of our suped-up color suite, our studio boasts a second fully-functional, SAN-connected suite devoted solely to color. Decked out with color accurate monitors, the complete Adobe Creative Suite, and comfortable client seating, this suite is equipped to handle any and all color projects with ease and style.

Our Video Edit Suites

Take a look around the ECG Productions offices and editing suites! All of ECG’s editing suites are equipped with the full Adobe Creative Suite and were designed in accordance with “The Anatomy of an Edit Suite,” by Biscardi Creative. Each suite is optimized for comfort and efficiency for both the client and editor. What’s more, each room’s decor is a reflection of the residing editor. As you’ll see, we have quite the group!

Supervised Video Edit Suite 1

Supervised Edit 1, the perfect place for our clients to edit with us.

Our supervised edit suites are spacious, functional, and dressed to impress. Supervised Edit 1 is conveniently situated right next to the infinitely cool Post-Production Commons lounge. It features three reclining leather theater chairs with lighted cup-holders and modular writing desks for easy note taking. When our clients come in for a session, we want them to feel comfortable and at home. With the editor working from a raised platform at the back of the room and the 75″ OLED 4K client monitor front and center, we’re able to ensure clear viewing and unobstructed eye-lines. The comfortable, warm lighting creates a welcoming environment and the artwork runs the gamut from retro travel adverts to sly nods to classic films, like the painting Tommy DeVito’s mom gives him in Goodfellas and a picture postcard for the Overlook Hotel from The Shining.

But as cool as the decor may be, this is a functional space first and foremost. It’s designed to get things done. Like all our edit suites, Supervised 1 is SAN-connected and features blazing fast gigabit fiber internet. The custom-built workstation has plenty of horsepower to handle uncompressed multi-stream edits at even the highest resolutions. Supervised sessions are about efficient feedback and nailing down the complicated details of a project. Many times, it’s these little tweaks that take clients from “pleased” to “thrilled” with a project. Stop by anytime for a full tour of our facility, including our supervised edit, color and audio suites! We think you’ll like what you see.

Supervised Video Edit Suite 2

This space may bear the name of Supervised Edit 2, but there’s nothing 2nd-rate about the setup. The suite features the same resplendent 75” 4K LG TV for client viewing as Supervised Edit 1, and a spacious couch for maximum comfort. All our supervised suites are organized to ensure there are no obstructions between our clients and the video. The editor here and in Supervised Edit 1 sits at an elevated desk, behind the client, with a SAN-connected, lightning fast computer at their command. In this setup, the editors have a clear view of both their project and what our clients are seeing, and all the client has to worry about is the product. The lighting is warm and inviting, and clients can gaze with pleasure at a gorgeous print of art by Takashi Murakami. Did you know? Murakami is Jason Sirotin’s favorite artist. 

When it comes to our supervised suites for editing, audio, and color, the focus is on productivity and comfort. And if our clients are in need of a snack, or a drink after a day’s work, our fridges and bars are fully-stocked and always within easy reach. If you’re looking for a place to lock in an edit in style, look no further!

Jason Marraccini's Video Edit Suite

Jason Marraccini's Suite

As the President and one of the co-owners of ECG, Jason (or Jase, as he’s affectionately known) is a pretty busy guy. You can usually find him overseeing company operations, running the post-production department, or wrangling new business. As such, he doesn’t do much editing himself these days. However, that doesn’t mean his office isn’t still one kick-ass video editing suite! 

His set up includes a SAN-connected edit workstation + laptop docking station, a Dell UltraSharp U-18DW 38″ 21:9 curved IPS Monitor, a 50 inch OLED TV, and Audioengine A5 + speakers in bamboo finish. Oh, and as is only appropriate for Jase, he’s always enough scotch on hand to kill Dylan Thomas, Winston Churchill, & Ernest Hemingway and still have enough left for a few drams! 

Emily Payton's Video Edit Suite

emilys edit suite
Emily's colorful edit suite.

Emily’s comfy video editing suite is an editor’s dream. The room is decked from wall to wall with bits of her personality — her Geralt Funko Pop, strings of “fair lights,” green leaf neon sign tell you all you need to know about her nerdy yet plant-conscious sensibilities. 

With a sitting/standing desk at her disposal, Emily can chug away at her SAN-connected workstation in maximum orthopaedic comfort. 

Kelsey Merriam's Video Edit Suite

Kelsey in full edit mode in her pretty suite.

This is Kelsey Merriam’s video editing suite and home to over 50 paper cranes. The aesthetic of Kelsey’s suite might be described as bohemian meets movie nerd, featuring both a hanging tapestry and a “must see” movie scratch off poster.

Kelsey’s SAN-connected workstation has done some serious work throughout the years, cranking out content for James Patterson, the CDC, and ad agencies both big and small. When she’s not editing, Kelsey works as a production assistant or script supervisor on shoots.

Cameron Shaw's Video Edit Suite

Suite of ECG editor, writer, director extraordinaire, Cameron Shaw.

Have you ever wanted to sit in on a video editing session while also listening to “The Boss”? Maybe even while sipping on a wee dram of Ardbeg? If so, then Cameron’s editing suite is the place for you!

The overhead fluorescents are rarely on (why would they be?), so you’ll usually find Cam’s office bathed in the warm light of Edison bulbs. At his SAN-connected workstation, Cam will assuredly be either working on an edit, a script, or tweaking the shooting schedule for an upcoming project he’s 1st AD-ing. Probably doing it all while listening to a D&D podcast. Ok: DEFINITELY while listening to a D&D podcast.

Collin Ingram's Video Edit Suite

Video games, Gundams, and production gear… oh my! Collin’s office is part cozy video editing suite and part command center for the ECG gear warehouse. Located catty corner to the door into the warehouse, Collin’s suite is strategically placed so that he may survey his kingdom. Well, that, and it also makes it an ideal place for the rest of us to pop in for a quick Super Smash Bros duel! 

While Collin’s duties oscillate between production and post-production, Collin is always at home in his office. 

Wilson Drake's Video Edit Suite

Wilson Drake’s office is as eclectic and mysterious as the man himself. While Wilson himself claims that no box can hold him, his office is there when he wants it. As one of the members of our team who straddles the line between production and post duties, Wilson’s office is fittingly located next to Collin’s. Together, the two of them oversee the vast domain of the grip/gaff equipment and the warehouse. As such, Wilson takes as much pride in a grip belt so well-equipped it’d make Batman jealous as he does in the futuristic Logitech G13 gameboard he uses to edit. Oh, and did we mention he has a Polish Star Wars poster? It’s piękny (that means “beautiful”).

Alessandro Graci's Video Edit Suite

Alesso's suite, complete with a variety of his art projects.

Alesso has the soul and sensibilities of a true artist. As such, it’s no surprise that he’s adorned his video editing suite with paintings, a wall mounted guitar, and an unmistakable pink “fur” blanket on his chair. 

Alesso’s SAN-connected workstation is complete with 2 HD monitors and a mounted 4K TV for optimal client comfort. Whether he’s editing a video for a client, cutting together a new ECG social video, or just touching up photos in Light Room, Alesso’s office is at the heart of his artistry.

Sebastian Chamaca's Video Edit Suite

Sebastian's calming edit suite.

As one of the busiest employees at ECG, Seb’s office has a modular design in order to enable easy switching from editing to sound design with maximum efficiency. But, that doesn’t mean it’s without charm! An original painting of Andy Warhol by Seb’s own grandmother occupies a place of honor above his side table. Behind his desk, there’s a cozy love seat where visitors can come and experience whatever aural or visual wizardry he’s conjured up. As if he needed more talents, Seb is also one of ECG’s invaluable camera operators. When he’s not waist-deep in post, Seb can be found on-set or tinkering away at new builds in the Camera Department.

Our Producer Offices

Jason Sirotin's CCO Office

jason sirotins producer suite
Jay's swanky suite.

This is grand spectacle of a room is co-owner and CCO Jason Sirotin’s office. In addition to the full Adobe Creative Suite, Jay’s office features Dell UltraSharp U-18DW 38″ 21:9 curved IPS Monitor, a 50 inch OLED TV, and a 2 mic podcasting set up. When he’s not helping run ECG, directing a shoot, or leading creative meetings, Jay is almost assuredly on a phone call.

Mary Winter's Producer Office

Mary's sweet suite. Can you spot the gnomes?

Mary’s office, with all its cozy touches and homey aesthetic, bespeaks her designation as ECG’s “grandmother.” From behind her desk, Mary oversees all of ECG’s shoots as Head Producer. Whenever you come by for a visit, don’t be surprised when she invites you to sit on her couch, relax, and enjoy a cup of tea with her.

Jordan Nowlin's Producer Office

Jordan's suite, resplendent with very cool posters.

Jordan’s office is a place for writing, coordinating productions, chatting, and occasionally drinking. As ECG’s Head Writer, a producer, and frequent director, Jordan’s daily responsibilities fall outside the processes of post production, enabling him to enjoy floor-to-ceiling windows in his office! Through them, passersby can admire Jordan working hard on scripts, corresponding with clients, and, in his spare time, keeping close tabs on the hottest restaurants and bars in Atlanta. Not to mention his carefully curated collection of art and posters! Go ahead, ask him about Hell or High Water. You’ll come away with a new appreciation for Taylor Sheridan, we guarantee it. Equipped with a sitting/standing desk, a MacBook Pro laptop, and a 4K Samsung wall-mounted TV, Jordan walks the line between cerebral creative and logical producer with grace.The scotch and mezcal that you’ll always find in his bar cart don’t hurt, either.

Muriel Lee's Producer Office

Muriel's simple and down-home suite, just the way she likes it.

All you need to know about Muriel’s office is this: wood-burned John Wayne portrait. With “The Duke” looking on, Muriel uses her Mac Mini, placed on her sitting/standing desk, to oversee productions big and small. And it’s not just producing that goes on in here, either. No, Muriel also attacks Production Design duties from time to time, working up mood boards and design briefs like a boss. But regardless of what task she’s tackling, Muriel is always at home in her sunbathed office.

Melissa St. Clair's Administrative Assistant Office

Mel's office nook, complete with themes of Americana.

If you ask someone who works with an administrative assistant what they’re like, they’ll almost invariably tell you they are “the heart of the office.” At ECG, we believe this axiom wholeheartedly, so we felt it was appropriate to put Melissa’s office near the very center of the office. 

When you peer into her cozy nook, it’s impossible to miss traces of Mel’s infectious personality littered throughout. The poster of Rosie the Riveter forever holding vigil, the record player that vacillates between classic rock and EDM, perhaps even crumbs of her latest freshly baked treats dusting her desk. All these little touches bespeak Mel’s unwavering can-do attitude, a trait that serves her well in the multiplicity of her job. 

Our Meeting Spaces & Common Areas

At ECG Productions, we place a high value on our relationship with clients. We don’t want to work for you; we want to work with you to create the highest quality of work to support your vision. Whether you need a corporate video, have a story for a documentary, or have an idea you haven’t fully realized yet, we’d love to have you in for a chat!

Conference Room 1

Our gorgeous main conference room, the favorite of many in the office.

The mac daddy of all conference rooms! This mammoth conference room is fit for board retreats, multi-team creative brainstorming sessions, or even casino night (as is tradition for the ECG holiday party)! 

This room simply has it all. The first can’t-miss component is the mammoth 86″ 4K Smart TV that’s centered in the room. Complete with an Apple TV connection to allow for easy AirPlay from laptops, the screen is perfect for presentations or meetings. What’s more, all of the desks are easily maneuverable, meaning we can configure the room however we see fit. Plus, we keep the fridge well-stocked with the best refreshments money can buy!

Added bonus: you can always catch a glimpse through the windows of David Hixon and Seth Johnson hard at work in their animation mines. 

Conference Room 2

Where Conference Room 1 is about grandeur and scale, Conference Room 2 is about intimacy and brass tax. The room is as no-frills as you can get: just an in-wall clock, a conference table, and some comfortable chairs. We use it for quick, small team ideation sessions, or as a place to escape our usual offices when we need a change of pace. It’s all about those changes in latitudes, right?

The Writer's Room

Where all that writing magic happens.

Agatha Christie had her bathtub, Mark Twain had his study, and the ECG writing team has its Writer’s Room! The room has everything any good writing team would ever need: a wall-mounted 4K smart TV, a dry erase board for brainstorming, and, of course, booze. Within these 4 walls, the ECG writing team has crafted the backbones of some of the most compelling content in the company’s history. However, it’s also the place where we’ve spoken aloud some of the most boneheaded, idiotic concepts fathomable. But that’s how the writing process works, right?!

Post-Production Commons

Post commons, where you'll find the lot of us at 5pm on a Friday.

The post-production commons our go-to spot for a film screening, post team huddle ups, and our famous Friday Happy Hour. Step into the post-production team’s in-office oasis and you’ll know right away why we love this space so much. The hardwood floors and single wall of corrugated metal give the room a sleek Neo-Industrial vibe; modern yet comfortable. On the far wall, we have an entertainment center complete with all the trimmings: 4K smart tv, a PlayStation 4 (complete with VR headset), and surround system. It’s a viewing and gaming paradise!

However, what’s a great common room without a well stocked bar? We keep the post commons fully ready to rock at a moment’s notice. That includes a mini-fridge filled with beer and cider, a wine fridge that’s brimming with client-favorite vintages, and a top shelf liquor selection that could rival any bar in America. What can we say? We work hard, and we play hard!   

Producer's Commons

Welcome to the epicenter of the Producer Department at ECG! We use these (incredibly comfy) couches for pre-production meetings, operations overviews, and heated discussions about our favorite new shows. 

As any good producer will attest, you can never rest on your laurels, and you should always be looking to expand your knowledge. So, we felt it only appropriate that the shelves in the Producer’s Commons be lined with every book on production topics we could find. In fact, the only thing more essential in this room is the coffee station located in the corner.

The ECG Kitchen & Break Room

A strong community is important to us, as evidenced by our substantial common lunch digs.

While all the work we do may happen in our separate suites, the ECG kitchen/break room is inarguably the most important room in the whole office. A happy team is a well-fed and well-caffeinated team, and our kitchen is the perfect place to satiate both of those needs. We always keep our fridge loaded with delicious, healthy snacks. There’s a Nespresso machine for quick pick-me-ups, and a coffee pot for when you’re in it for the long haul. Basically, the kitchen has all the tools any industrious video production team needs to get the job done.

And if the kitchen is the perfect place to stock up on revitalizing necessities, the break room is just the right place to enjoy them. The banquette tables along the far wall offer a comfortable sitting arrangement that give the space a coffee shop-like quality. Or, if you need to do a quick huddle up, one of the high top tables arranged through the room might be an ideal spot. But if you’re looking for a good getaway spot, we recommend the arcade system in the corner of the room. You can’t miss it: it’s right under a poster from Mike Tyson’s Punch-Out! signed by The Baddest Man on the Planet himself!

Thanks for stopping by! We hope you like what you saw, and that we’ll be seeing you at the ECG Productions offices soon.