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Our 27,000+ square foot facility is our state-of-the-art home away from home. From swanky, spacious conference rooms, to client-ready supervised edit suites, to lavish common rooms you’ll never want to leave, the ECG studio has it all.

And that’s just the office area!

We also have 3 separate production-ready studios in our complex, each complete with their own unique look & feel, but the same access to our top of the line gear warehouse. It’s the perfect destination for any studio production, big or small.

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Audio Mixing Board at ECG Productions

Audio Recording & Mastering Suites

Discover a world where sound comes alive at ECG Productions’ audio recording and mastering suites. Our three fully-equipped suites cater to all your audio needs, whether you’re recording vocals, mixing soundscapes, or creating immersive sound designs. Each suite boasts industry-standard Pro Tools software, Adobe Creative Suite, and 4K resolution TVs for a seamless and immersive experience. But that’s not all – our suites come with sweet extras like vintage analog gear and cutting-edge plugins to elevate your audio. Whether you’re an artist, filmmaker, or producer, our suites provide the ideal environment for your creativity to flourish. Step into ECG’s audio recording and mastering suites, where the power of sound is at your command.


Audio 1 - ECG Productions - Atlanta

Welcome to the lap of audio luxury! Our on-staff audio engineer, Matthew Harriott, takes audio work very seriously; so it’s only appropriate that we set him up in a serious suite! First of all, his audio hardware is truly kick-ass. We’re talking an Avid S3 Control Surface, Universal Audio Apollo x8p audio interface, and Genelec 8050A and 8050B studio monitors. That’s some real wide-eyed emoji stuff, right there! But what are the tools without the necessary software? Using Pro Tools Ultimate, the Fabfilter Total bundle, iZotope RX 10 Advanced, practically every Waves plugin available, and Accentize dxRevive, Matthew can conduct a symphony or punch up our latest commercial with equal ease. From the comfortable, spacious area in the back of the room, clients can play co-conductor, offer notes, or just lounge and listen to the music.


Audio 2- ECG Productions - Atlanta

Let’s be real: is there anything more fun, anything as cool as a foley room? What about all of the voiceover you hear in your favorite animated shows or the ADR scenes that you may have never noticed in some of the most popular films? Our Audio 2 suite here at ECG is the home of our Voiceover, ADR, and Foley Booth; offering premium sound isolation and all the weird instruments you can imagine, making it perfect for recording voiceovers, music, and foley. Amazing tools like the Dynaudio BM6 MkIII studio monitors, Avid Artist Mix control surface, Universal Audio Apollo 8 audio interface, and a crisp, clear-sounding Neumann TLM 102 microphone make this space an audiophile’s dream. Oh, and it’s got all the same software on deck as in Audio 1, so it’s not too shabby on the post end either.


Podcast Suite- ECG Productions - Atlanta

Nestled within the creative heart of ECG Productions lies our Podcast Suite: a modern enclave where technology and tranquility meet to amplify your voice to the masses. Outfitted with state-of-the-art audio equipment in a soundproof, mood-lit setting, it’s an ideal space for podcasters seeking to craft compelling stories and dynamic dialogues. Here, every word is crisp, every moment comfortable, and every conversation is an opportunity to resonate with audiences far and wide.

State of the Art Animation Suites

Step into a world where imagination comes to life at ECG Productions’ state-of-the-art animation suites. These awe-inspiring spaces are designed to facilitate the intricate and meticulous process of animation, providing our talented animators with the tools and environment they need to create visual wonders. We understand that the journey from concept to final render can be a lengthy and demanding one, which is why we’ve gone above and beyond to ensure that our animators, and any clients who drop by to witness the magic, are treated to an unparalleled level of comfort and inspiration. From the ergonomic workstations and cutting-edge software to the carefully curated lighting and thoughtfully designed interiors, every element of our animation suites has been crafted with the artist in mind. The rooms themselves are a testament to the boundless creativity that flows through our studio, with captivating artwork and mesmerizing displays that transport you to the very heart of the animation process. Whether you’re an animator immersed in the intricacies of keyframing and node placement, or a client marveling at the layers of detail coming together before your eyes, our animation suites provide an experience that is truly something to behold.

ECG Animation


Animation Suite 1

Step into the heart of ECG Productions’ creativity with Animation Suite 1, where cutting-edge technology meets comfort and inspiration. Armed with a high-performance computing system connected to our gigabit network and a petabyte of media storage, complemented by a robotic magnetic tape backup, this suite is a digital artist’s dream. It boasts the full Adobe Creative Suite for limitless animation possibilities, all within a modern and comfortable environment designed to foster creativity. A Snowpiercer poster adorns the wall, symbolizing the suite’s commitment to storytelling and imagination, while snacks and drinks are always within reach to fuel the creative process. Animation Suite 1 is not just a workspace; it’s a creative sanctuary where ideas transform into animated masterpieces, blending technology, comfort, and boundless creativity in every project.


A man animates using AI tools at ECG Productions in Atlanta

Prepare to be awestruck as you enter Animation Suite 2, a creative powerhouse that pushes the boundaries of what’s possible in the world of animation. At the heart of this suite is an ultra-powerful local processing system, capable of handling even the most demanding projects with ease, complemented by a large Wacom tablet that allows our animators to express their creativity with unparalleled precision and control. Animation Suite 2 also comes equipped with the full Adobe Creative Suite, providing a comprehensive set of tools for every aspect of the animation process, all within a spacious and modern environment designed with comfort and inspiration in mind. Step into Animation Suite 2 and witness the perfect fusion of cutting-edge technology, creative inspiration, and raw artistic talent, where imagination meets power and the impossible becomes possible, one frame at a time.


Animation Suite 3

Animation Suite 3 at ECG Productions is a vibrant nexus where imagination runs free, a space pulsating with creative energy. Here, under the disco-ball-dappled lights, our lead illustrator’s ideas leap from a large Wacom tablet to take on lives of their own. The suite is a personal gallery adorned with striking artwork that inspires and a collection of curios that tells stories of projects past. This suite is more than an office; it’s a visual symphony played on a keyboard of colors and screens, a place where every pixel is a note in a grander creative melody. The space exudes a warmth that comes not just from the carefully placed lamps, but from the passion that our illustrator pours into every creation. Animation Suite 3 is the artist’s retreat within ECG Productions, a space that not only facilitates stunning visual work but celebrates the spirit of animation in every detail.

Color Grading Atlanta

Color Suite

Prepare to be dazzled as you step into ECG Productions’ color suites, where the art of color grading reaches new heights. These state-of-the-art facilities are designed to inspire, with each suite equipped with a SAN-connected workstation, DaVinci Resolve, and Adobe Creative Cloud, providing seamless access to the tools needed to bring your vision to life. The vibrant decor serves as a reminder of the transformative power of color, inspiring our team to push boundaries. As you immerse yourself in the captivating hues and tones dancing across the screens, you’ll witness the magic that happens when technical expertise meets artistic vision. Our color suites are not just where images are refined; they are a canvas where stories come alive, emotions are amplified, and the true potential of your project is realized.


Color Grade Suite

Step into a world where color comes alive in our state-of-the-art DaVinci Resolve color grading suite. This dedicated space is a testament to ECG Productions’ commitment to delivering unparalleled quality and creativity in every frame. Equipped with the industry-leading DaVinci Resolve software and a powerful, SAN-connected workstation, our colorists have the tools they need to bring your vision to life. The suite’s carefully calibrated monitors ensure that every subtle hue and tone is displayed with utmost accuracy, allowing for precise adjustments and breathtaking results. The room itself is designed to inspire, with a sleek and modern aesthetic that puts the focus on the art of color grading. Whether you’re looking to enhance the mood of a scene, create a cohesive visual style, or breathe new life into your footage, our DaVinci Resolve color grading suite is where the magic happens. Step inside and witness the transformative power of color as our skilled colorists work their craft, elevating your project to new heights of visual storytelling.

Video Editing Screen shot in Atlanta

Video Editing Suites

Step into the creative sanctum of ECG Productions’ video editing suites, where the magic of post-production comes to life. Each suite is meticulously designed to optimize comfort and efficiency, equipped with the full Adobe Creative Suite and adhering to the principles outlined in “The Anatomy of an Edit Suite” by Biscardi Creative. As you explore the suites, you’ll notice that each room’s decor is a unique reflection of the residing editor’s personality and style, crafted to inspire creativity and foster collaboration. Our talented editors, each with their own distinct flair, come together to form a diverse and skilled team that breathes life into every project. Whether you’re sitting in on an editing session or simply absorbing the atmosphere, you’ll feel the passion and dedication that permeates these suites, where raw footage is transformed into compelling narratives that captivate audiences.


Supervised Edit Suite 1 at ECG Productions

In the cozy confines of ECG Productions’ Supervised Edit Suite 1, the art of storytelling unfolds with precision and collaborative spirit. This suite is designed for the dance of ideas between editor and client, where theatre-style seating invites an immersive viewing experience, placing clients at the heart of the narrative journey. At the helm, the editor orchestrates the storytelling, working from a powerful SAN and network that offers unparalleled access to a repository of high-definition footage and a suite of cutting-edge editing tools. The space is engineered for comfort and focus, allowing clients to relax in plush leather seats while they watch their visions come to life on a large, vivid display that captures every nuance. With its harmonious blend of high-tech and high-comfort, the Supervised Edit Suite is a testament to ECG’s commitment to collaborative excellence and technical prowess.


Supervised Edit 2

Supervised Edit Suite 2 at ECG Productions offers an intimate storytelling canvas where editors and clients co-create cinematic narratives. Nestled comfortably on a plush couch, clients are invited into a collaborative viewing experience, enjoying the fruits of creativity on a grand display. The editor, ensconced at the back, weaves visual tales with adept fingers, utilizing the might of a powerful SAN and an intricate network that breathes life into every frame. This suite is a symphony of creativity and comfort, where storylines are honed and refined until they resonate with the intended audience. It’s in this space that the final cut transcends from mere footage to a crafted story that echoes the unique voice of its creators.


Video Editing Suite 1

Video Editing Suite 1 at ECG Productions encapsulates the essence of a modern editor’s dream. It’s a space where the symphony of visual storytelling is meticulously composed, equipped with the same high-end tools and connectivity as our other state-of-the-art suites. Nestled amidst the warm ambient lighting and curated décor, the suite’s furnishings blend functionality with comfort, featuring a sleek, spacious desk and a plush couch that welcomes both concentrated editing sessions and relaxed client reviews. Here, against the backdrop of inspirational artwork and global cartography, ideas are honed, and narratives are crafted with precision, supported by our powerful SAN and network. It’s a realm where every edit, cut, and transition is an intentional step in the journey from concept to creation, a suite where technology and creativity converge to elevate the art of video editing.


Head of Post Production Edit Suite 2

Video Editing Suite 2, doubling as the post-production manager’s office, is a study in the harmony of form and function. Overlooking the expansive conference room, this suite is a command center perched on the edge of collaboration and leadership. A botanical oasis with greenery cascading down the walls, it brings a touch of the serene to the cutting-edge edit suite. Vivid LED lights add a contemporary glow, while the chic decor, complete with a lava lamp and eclectic art, infuses the space with a creative and inviting ambience. Here, the post-production manager orchestrates projects with a panoramic view, ensuring every cut and transition echoes the collective vision of the team. It’s a space where technology, leadership, and creative flair dance together, resulting in a workflow that’s as efficient as it is inspiring.


Video Editing Suite 3

Video Editing Suite 3 at ECG Productions is where vibrant creativity and digital prowess collide. The room pulsates with a cool, neon glow from the iconic palm light, setting a rhythm for the editing magic that occurs within. Adorned with eclectic art and personal memorabilia, this suite is an editor’s personal haven, reflective of the individuality and flair of its resident maestro. Dual monitors display the latest edits, supported by the robust backbone of our SAN and network, ensuring seamless integration and limitless potential for creative storytelling. This is a space that’s alive with artistic energy, where edits are crafted and stories are sculpted, all within a space that’s as dynamic and spirited as the narratives that unfold on screen.


Video Editing Suite 4

Video Editing Suite 4 at ECG Productions is a serene realm where focus and creativity align. Illuminated by the soft radiance of a lamp and the gentle twinkle of fairy lights, it’s a tranquil enclave designed for the deep concentration editing demands. A tapestry of intricate design provides a backdrop of visual tranquility, complementing the dynamic narratives flickering across the screens. Here, editors are ensconced in an ambiance that balances the intensity of the editing process with a calming environment, enhancing both productivity and creative flow. This suite, equipped with robust tech connected to our formidable SAN and network, is a testament to the harmony between state-of-the-art facilities and the zen of artistic space, making it a cradle of storytelling craftsmanship.


Video Editing Suite 5

Video Editing Suite 5 at ECG Productions is a cinematic sanctum where the past and present collide to create a future of filmic excellence. This suite, steeped in cinematic nostalgia with classic film posters adorning the walls, is a daily inspiration to its editor. The ambiance is a soft infusion of focused lighting and the warm glow of vintage vinyl records, creating an environment that’s both reflective and visionary. Within this space, the powerful SAN and network infrastructure lays the foundation for seamless editing sessions, allowing stories to unfold with grace and precision on multiple screens. The suite’s thoughtful layout and decor, a blend of the classic and the modern, offer a testament to the timeless art of storytelling, reminding us that each frame is part of a larger narrative epic.


Video Editing suite 9

Video Editing Suites  6, 7, and 8 at ECG Productions are the backbone of our storytelling arsenal, embodying the workhorse spirit of post-production. These suites are characterized by their utilitarian design, focused on functionality to serve the dedicated craftspeople who bring narratives to life. While they may not boast the ornate adornments of their counterparts, the lack of glitz is intentional, creating a distraction-free zone that centers the mind solely on the task at hand. Equipped with robust tech, each suite taps into the potent SAN and network, providing the editors the tools they need to tackle projects of any scale efficiently. These spaces are a testament to the philosophy that sometimes, simplicity breeds the purest form of creativity, proving that with focus and skill, extraordinary stories can be crafted from even the most no-nonsense environments.


Video Editing Suite 10

Edit Suite 9 at ECG Productions exudes a quirky charm where creativity knows no bounds. A warm, inviting glow casts from eclectic lamps, setting the stage for editors who cut, splice, and finesse with rhythmic precision. This suite is alive with personality, from the skeletal companion keeping a watchful eye, to the guitar ready for a strumming break, every object tells a story of artistic passion. Lush foliage and holiday lights bring a whimsical twist, reflecting the joy and irreverence that fuels our creative fires. Here, amidst the unconventional decor, the high-powered tech stack provides a steadfast platform for editors to weave visual tales that captivate and resonate. Edit Suite 9 isn’t just a room; it’s a character in its own right, a testament to the colorful and animated spirit of ECG Productions’ storytelling ethos.


Video Editing Suite 11
Edit Suite 10 at ECG Productions is a space where thoughtful design meets technical sophistication. Soft, ambient light harmonizes with strategic task lighting to create an optimal environment for focus and precision. The room is an artful blend of form and function, with sound-absorbing panels ensuring crystal-clear audio playback and a careful selection of artwork providing a dash of inspiration. A multi-screen setup allows for detailed waveform and video scrutiny, all powered by our robust SAN and network for seamless project integration. Here, editors are equipped to finesse each frame to perfection, enveloped in an atmosphere that encourages both concentration and creative exploration. It’s a suite that reflects ECG Productions’ commitment to providing the ideal conditions for crafting compelling narratives and spellbinding visual content.

Producers Offices

Step into the heart of production at ECG Productions, where our producing team’s offices buzz with creativity and efficiency. These suites are the command center of every project, ensuring that each production hits the ground running. The producing team’s expertise shines through as they navigate the intricacies of the industry, from negotiating talent deals to securing permits and addressing client concerns. For out-of-town productions seeking a temporary base, our producing suites provide a welcoming and well-equipped space to call home, designed to cater to the unique needs of each project. A visit to our producing offices will give you a glimpse behind the scenes, witnessing the artful dance of logistics and creativity as our team brings ideas to life. At ECG Productions, our producing suites are the nerve center of our operations, where passion, expertise, and dedication converge to create extraordinary content.


Executive Producer Office

The Executive Producer’s Office at ECG Productions is a hub of leadership enveloped in style. Artistic canvases burst with color on the walls, sparking creativity and reflecting the innovative spirit that drives our projects. This space is more than an office—it’s a creative command center where ideas are nurtured and decisions are made. A sleek desk anchors the room, equipped with top-tier technology, allowing for seamless connection to all facets of production. Comfort is key, with a cozy sitting area that invites conversation and collaboration. The ambient lighting is a nod to the cinematic craft, a subtle touch that enhances the atmosphere of thoughtful contemplation and strategic planning. Here, amidst the elegant fusion of modern design and comfort, our Executive Producer orchestrates the symphony of ECG Productions’ endeavors.


Senior Producer Office

The Senior Producer’s office at ECG Productions is a verdant retreat that echoes the vibrant life of the stories they shepherd to fruition. Natural light filters through the window, casting a gentle glow over an interior garden of lush plants, inspiring growth in both flora and film. Vintage posters adorn the walls, framing the space with a touch of cinematic heritage, while creative tools and cameras stand ready, signaling a readiness to capture new narratives. A cloud-like light fixture floats above, a whimsical nod to the dreams that are crafted and elevated here. This office is more than a workspace; it’s a testament to the organic process of production, where every project is nurtured with care and creativity, reflecting the senior producer’s commitment to cultivating outstanding content from the ground up.


Producer Suite

The Producer’s Office at ECG Productions is a bright, airy space where ideas flourish in the light of day. Large windows let in a soft, natural ambience that illuminates the room, filtered through a textured glass that offers both privacy and a connection to the world outside. A cozy couch beckons for relaxed brainstorming sessions, while the plush carpet underfoot adds a layer of comfort to the room’s modern aesthetic. This office is not only a nexus of production activity but also a personal sanctuary where strategy and vision come together amidst a serene setting, equipped with the necessary technology to stay connected and drive projects forward. It’s a space that reflects the multifaceted role of a producer—dynamic, thoughtful, and always focused on the pulse of creative ventures.


Associate Producer Suite

The Associate Producer’s Office at ECG Productions combines practicality with a touch of cinematic flair. Surrounded by inspiring film-themed artwork, this space is where logistical magic happens, detailed planning and coordination unfold amidst an atmosphere imbued with the spirit of cinema. The clean lines of a functional desk set the stage for productivity, while the whiteboard serves as a canvas for strategy and scheduling. Personal touches, like the vibrant bag and terrarium, inject personality and life into the room, reflecting the creative heart behind the operational mind. This office is a blend of work and inspiration, a space where each project detail is carefully orchestrated to contribute to the larger masterpiece that is ECG Productions’ portfolio.


The Associate Producer/Writer’s Office at ECG Productions is where organizational acumen meets creative narrative development. The space is illuminated by a warm string of lights, providing a comforting glow that sparks creativity. A corkboard, teeming with notes and reminders, stands as a testament to the meticulous planning that underpins successful storytelling. Geometric artwork adorns the walls, offering abstract inspiration amidst the daily grind of production and scriptwriting. This office serves as a dual sanctuary for logistical precision and literary craft, equipped with the tools needed for both administration and artistry. It’s a space where concepts are carefully woven into compelling scripts, and projects are managed with precision, embodying the multifaceted nature of film and television production.

Video Producer Awards

Meeting Spaces & Common Areas

At ECG Productions, we believe that remarkable content is born from strong client relationships. Our welcoming meeting spaces and common areas are designed to foster open communication and creative synergy, inviting you to engage in meaningful discussions about your project. With state-of-the-art technology, comfortable seating, and a tranquil ambiance, our spaces provide the perfect backdrop for collaboration and brainstorming. Whether you’re seeking a compelling corporate video, have a captivating documentary story, or are nurturing a budding idea, our doors are open. We understand that the journey from concept to final product is a shared adventure, and our meeting spaces and common areas serve as the backdrop against which meaningful partnerships are forged and extraordinary content comes to life.


Producer Solarium

The Producer’s Solarium at ECG Productions is a haven of tranquility, designed to foster visionary thinking amidst the hustle of production life. Bathed in natural light that filters through large, clear windows, this room merges the serenity of a greenhouse with the focus of a production powerhouse. Plants dot the space, adding a splash of vitality and a breath of fresh air, nurturing both creativity and well-being. A cozy couch and an inviting armchair in earthy tones provide a comfortable retreat for deep contemplation or casual brainstorming sessions. The simple yet stylish wooden coffee table stands ready to support the weight of a script in progress or a cup of inspiration-fueling coffee. This space is not just a room; it’s a statement of balance—the cultivation of ideas in an environment as nurturing as sunlight to the growth of the greens it houses. Here, producers can plant the seeds of their next great project, confident they will flourish.


Main Conference Room

The Large Conference Room at ECG Productions is a testament to the collaborative spirit that drives the film and production industry. Designed for adaptability, the room features an expansive, modular table setup that can be easily reconfigured to suit the dynamic needs of every meeting, brainstorming session, or script read-through. The space is equipped with state-of-the-art audiovisual technology, including a large screen perfect for presentations or reviewing the latest edits. Each chair, ergonomically designed, stands ready for the team’s many talents to settle in for the long, invigorating discussions that often accompany the pre-production and post-production phases. With artwork that stimulates conversation and inspires innovation, this room is a hub where creative minds and strategic thinkers converge to mold the future of multimedia storytelling. It is more than a meeting place; it’s a breeding ground for the next groundbreaking ideas in video production.



The Writer’s Room at ECG Productions is where narrative magic is meticulously crafted, sentence by sentence. This space is a fusion of industrial charm and modern sophistication, with a corrugated metal wall casting a textured backdrop that inspires edgy, innovative ideas. A solid, wooden table anchors the room, suggesting the stability and strength required in story development. Chairs designed for enduring comfort encircle the table, welcoming writers to settle in for marathon sessions of creative flow. Natural light streams in from the window, reflecting off the whiteboard that bears the evolving blueprints of plots and characters. This is a sanctuary for storytellers, a place where dialogue is sharpened, plots thickened, and characters brought to life. With every detail designed to minimize distraction and maximize focus, the Writer’s Room is an incubator for the narratives that will captivate audiences on screens both big and small.


Post Production Commons ECG Productions

The post-production commons our go-to spot for a film screening, post team huddle ups, and our famous Friday Happy Hour. Step into the post-production team’s in-office oasis and you’ll know right away why we love this space so much. The hardwood floors and single wall of corrugated metal give the room a sleek Neo-Industrial vibe; modern yet comfortable. On the far wall, we have an entertainment center complete with all the trimmings: 4K smart tv, a PlayStation 4 (complete with VR headset), and surround system. It’s a viewing and gaming paradise!

However, what’s a great common room without a well stocked bar? We keep the post commons fully ready to rock at a moment’s notice. That includes a mini-fridge filled with beer and cider, a wine fridge that’s brimming with client-favorite vintages, and a top shelf liquor selection that could rival any bar in America. What can we say? We work hard, and we play hard!


Video Production Dining and Break Area

Step into ECG Productions’ expansive break room, a haven designed for relaxation, refreshment, and fun. This inviting space boasts restaurant-style seating, accommodating up to 30 people comfortably. Whether you’re grabbing a quick bite between shoots, catching up with colleagues, or simply taking a moment to unwind, this break room offers the perfect setting. The room is equipped with an array of modern amenities, including a fully stocked kitchen with state-of-the-art appliances, ensuring that you can refuel and recharge with ease. For those looking to blow off some steam or engage in friendly competition, the break room features a dedicated gaming area complete with the latest video game consoles and a selection of popular titles. The lively atmosphere and welcoming decor create an environment that fosters camaraderie and encourages team bonding. Whether you’re a member of the ECG Productions team or a visiting client, this spacious break room serves as a hub for collaboration, creativity, and connection, providing a much-needed respite from the fast-paced world of production.


Video Production Kitchen

Discover a culinary paradise within ECG Productions’ kitchen, a space that goes above and beyond in catering to your every gastronomic need. This well-appointed kitchen is equipped with an impressive array of modern appliances, designed to satisfy even the most discerning palates. Multiple microwaves stand ready to heat up your favorite meals in a flash, while air fryers offer a healthier alternative for those craving crispy delights. Blenders whir to life, creating smoothies, shakes, and other refreshing concoctions to keep you energized throughout the day. For the tea and coffee enthusiasts, a variety of high-quality brewers and an extensive selection of aromatic blends await, promising the perfect pick-me-up at any hour. The kitchen’s snack and drink stations are a treasure trove of tasty treats, featuring an ever-rotating selection of gourmet snacks, artisanal chocolates, and an assortment of beverages to quench your thirst. And for those with a sweet tooth, the freezer is stocked with a tantalizing array of ice cream novelties, ensuring that no craving goes unsatisfied. With its thoughtful layout and abundant offerings, ECG Productions’ kitchen is more than just a place to refuel; it’s a gastronomic haven that caters to every taste and preference, fostering a sense of community and satisfaction among all who enter.

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We at ECG Productions are grateful for your interest in our studio and the work we do. Our passion for storytelling and dedication to crafting exceptional content drives us, and we’re excited to share our creative space with you.

We believe that the magic of production truly comes to life when we connect with our clients and collaborators in person. We invite you to visit ECG Productions for an in-person tour of our facilities, from our state-of-the-art production spaces to our meticulously designed editing, animation, color, and audio suites.

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