Answering the question “What is video production?” is like dissecting  “What is art?,” or “Why do people love the Kardashians so much?” The answers are nebulous and multi-faceted, providing complex answers to complex questions.

In technical terms, Video Production is “the process of producing video content.” More specifically, it’s “the phase of the video-making process where footage is actually captured.” It’s a dry definition, but it’s technically correct.

To us at ECG, however, Video Production is the heartbeat of our company. It’s what gets us out of bed for every early morning call time. It’s what drives our resolve during every late night edit session. Well, that and coffee, of course. But regardless, Video Production is what we eat, live, and breathe. We all fell in love with the process and dedicated ourselves to it. In sickness and in health, for richer or for poorer, until retirement do us part.

Getting to Know Video Production Departments

Video Production is a total team effort. Just like any business endeavor, it’s the concerted efforts of numerous “teams” that ensures the success of such a big undertaking. Every department has a mission, and every mission is critical. To paraphrase the old adage, “it takes a (video) village.” Understanding the vital role each of these departments play during the course of production is a great way to demonstrate the full scope of what ECG brings to the table with each production.

Learn more about each of the Video Production Departments below!

Production Services

Camera departments may be the most important aspect of video production, and they encompass much more than just cameras! Learn more about ECG’s own here.

steadicam operator

A perfect sound mix starts in production with the Audio Department. Read on to learn why it’s one of our favorite parts of the process. 


Video productions are nothing without their lighting department. Light is the basic component of capturing video, after all!

In video production, what’s inside the frame is just as important as what’s filming it. It’s a project’s Art Direction that drives those decisions. 


Awesome grips make awesome videos possible. Period. We couldn’t live on set without them. Read on to learn more about these essential crew members.


We love making branded content. We even won an Addy Award for it in 2020! Click below to learn why it’s the best marketing tool to really connect to your consumers.


Shoots can’t run smoothly without the best production coordination. Click here to find what that entails! 

Studio A Atlanta - ECG Productions

The best run productions begin with a painstaking breakdown of every cost involved, a process called line producing. Read on for a glimpse into ECG’s process. 


Proper media management is the hallmark of any experienced video production company. Click here to learn about ECG’s airtight process! 


ECG’s services don’t end at video. We also have an incredible roster of in-house and freelance photographers on hand, ready to take on your next event. 


Step up your party or event with high quality photos, printed on the spot! Read here to learn more about the process. 


Cohesive visual elements within a shot help pull the audience into the story. That’s why set dressing is so crucial! It’s a part of the process we love at ECG, even though it’s not always as easy as it sounds.


Never underestimate the power of a little concealer, powder and maybe some fake blood. We’re always on standby for last looks at ECG! 


For a notoriously casually dressed industry, we take wardrobe very seriously on set. ECG has got the bases covered, from costumes to uniforms. 


360 video is here to stay, and we couldn’t be more excited about it. Click below to learn more about the latest and greatest tech. 


The possibilities with virtual reality are truly endless. At ECG we’re fully equipped to take on your VR projects. So what crazy ideas do you have? 


Sometimes what your video needs is a gorgeous hyperlapse sequence. Good thing we love to shoot them! Learn more by clicking below. 


Pulling off stunts isn’t as easy as the pros make it look. ECG has the experience and connections to make sure your stunt punch really lands. (C’mon, we had to!)

Jordan Nowlin Wowlin ECG Productions

Live streaming is an incredible tool to reach larger audiences and add versatility to your content creation. With our years of experience ECG gets it right every time. 


There’s no better way to wow your virtual audience than with ECG’s professional 360 livestream experience!

Side view portrait of focused young man playing video game with cyber sport team in dark
Experience the pinnacle of Esports coverage with ECG Productions. From local tournaments to global championships, we provide engaging live streams and insightful game analysis.
Animation vs. Live-Action
Discover the Ultimate In-House Studio in Atlanta: Equipped with State-of-the-Art Facilities for Your Perfect Project” Our premier Atlanta-based studio is fully equipped with cutting-edge technology and amenities, ensuring every aspect of your project is executed flawlessly.

There’s no better way to wow your virtual audience than with ECG’s professional 360 livestream experience!



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