What is Animation?

Animation: An umbrella term if there ever was one! It’s a unique space; existing as a component of post-production, as well as an alternative for traditional, live-action production.

There are so many styles and applications for animation that it’s impossible to run through them all. It’s still evolving as a medium! There are far fewer limits to animation than there are to other types of production, so it continues to expand as new ideas and applications come to light.

Animation offers unique narrative capabilities, from the incredible range of anime to Saturday morning cartoons; from stop-motion to realistically-rendered planets and epic battles, and much more. It’s not constrained by genre, either. Animation can make us laugh, cry, disturb us or excite us, just the same as live action. And in many cases, it can do it more cheaply.

But animation has other applications, as well! Bright colors, big text, and the ability to visualize abstract ideas one could never shoot with a camera make animation uniquely suited to explaining complex concepts in engaging ways.

Here at ECG Productions, animation puts stars in our eyes and a bounce in our step. Quite literally, if we want it to! We use animation to educate, and to elevate live-action videos, and to tell stories. Our ever-busy team of animators touch so many of our videos, from minor tweaks or the whole hog, and we’re better for it.

So let us draw you in…to the world of animated video!

Getting to Know the Animation Department

ECG animator Seth drawing a character sketch.

The most basic delineation to make when it comes to animation may be 2D animation vs. 3D animation. Both can be used to create narratives, explainers, trailers, logos, titles… pretty much anything you can think of!

3D animation is technically more complicated, often involving specific plugins, or specialized software like Autodesk Maya. It has near infinite applications, from generating realistic character models, to spicing up 2D logos (check out what we did for the Orlando Magic!).

2D animation can include a similarly massive range of styles. We’re particularly proud of our trailers (link to Girls of Storm and Shadow?) and our explainers. 2D animation is basically drawings and paintings coming to life before your eyes. What’s better than that?

Got animation on your mind? Let’s make it a reality. Or maybe even better than reality! From here, you can explore all our animated content options, learn more about them, and see where your imagination takes you!

Animation Services

2D animation isn’t limited to your favorite Hollywood movies! It’s also great for corporate and explainer videos, and it doesn’t break the bank.


Our 3D animation team creates charismatic and captivating 3D video animation guaranteed to attract any audience.


Our 2D infographic animation services takes difficult-to-understand concepts, boil them down to their core, and make them pop on screen.

We use sophisticated software to achieve realistic physics simulations in 2D animation. That’s a lot of big words! Check it out to see what we mean.

Particle effect animation is an eye-catching style that’s both sleek and functional. It can blend into any video with ease!


Photo animation is a simple and elegant way to bring still photographs to life! It can be cute, or add drama to an otherwise static presentation.


ECG is a one stop shop for producing top stop motion animation. Explore one of the most historic styles out there!


Although time consuming, 3D animation brings characters to life like no other method can. It’s why we love it here at ECG. 

Our clients always want their logos to pop off the screen, and while that’s still not literally possible, our professional 3D logo animation services gets pretty darn close.



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