American Girl | American Girl In Space – 360 Mars Experience

Get ready to roam the red planet in this immersive 360 experience from American Girl!

According to the American Girl website, a key tenet of their business is “encouraging a new generation to write their own history and create a world we all want to live in.” When it comes to fostering creativity in this “new generation,” there’s no better avenue than through education. And when it comes to education, there’s nothing better than an immersive, engaging experience. Thus the American Girl In Space program was born!

As part of a STEM initiative within the company, we embarked on a journey with the American Girl team to showcase the exciting majesty of space. And where better to get a hands-on look at the stars than at space camp! We packed our bags — and our Nokia OZO 360 camera — and headed to Huntsville, AL.

Over the course of two days, Jenn Lee, Jordan Nowlin, and Kelsey Merriam captured tons of awesome 360 footage. From hands-on experience at mission control, to a flight simulator, to a space station walkthrough, we saw it all! Our favorite set up, however, is what you see above. From the floor of the camp’s main staging area, we captured some “astronauts” (our AG clients) roaming Mars’ surface! Accompanied by a peppy voiceover and some stylized graphic call outs, this scene was everything we wanted. It informs and entices, fostering the exact sense of excitement about space that American Girl wanted to seize.




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