Baby Tate, Symba, and more | Hello My Name Is… Episode 4

Baby Tate, Symba & Black on the Block

Once again, the vibrant energy of “Hello My Name Is…” lit up Twitch screens, bringing together a stellar line-up of artists and entrepreneurs for a night of captivating music and insightful conversation. Episode 4, though the shortest installment yet, lost none of its unique charm, offering viewers an intimate glimpse into the journeys of the remarkable individuals who graced the show.

In this episode, the spotlight shone brightly on the dazzling Baby Tate and the dynamic Symba, who joined forces with the visionary sisters behind LA’s Black on the Block. This monthly festival and activation platform has become a beacon of growth and opportunity for black-owned businesses, fostering a vibrant community that thrives come rain or shine.

Using Quality Expertise to Deliver Quality Visuals

At the helm of this episode were the seasoned Director Caleb Seales and Producer SiSi Porch, who brought their wealth of experience to the table, crafting pre-interviews that promised to delve deep into the stories of the guests. Seales, with a rich portfolio that includes collaborations with industry giants like J. Cole, Kanye West, and T.I., utilized his deep industry insights to formulate questions that resonated with viewers, creating a rich and engaging narrative.

The episode unfolded as a celebration of perseverance and passion, highlighting Baby Tate’s lifelong pursuit of stardom, a journey marked by dedication and personal growth. Alongside her, Symba’s relentless efforts to carve a niche in the bustling music industry were brought to the fore, showcasing a story of determination and distinctiveness. Adding to this inspiring line-up were sisters Lanie & Char, the forces behind the groundbreaking black vendor festival, a venture that has brought a wave of innovation and unity to the LA scene.

More on the Way

As the episode reached its crescendo, the synergy between Caleb and Technical Director Emily Payton became evident, their collaborative spirit steering the livestream to new heights. As the curtains closed on Episode 4, a palpable sense of excitement hung in the air, a testament to the growing legacy of “Hello My Name Is…”.

Join ECG Productions as we continue this exhilarating journey, a series that is fast carving a niche of its own, promising more nights of music, stories, and the celebration of trailblazers in the industry.




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