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Put simply: our clients rule! From big brand enterprises to mom-and-pop businesses, we’ve been lucky to work with some truly amazing teams over the years, and we take pride in helping them succeed. That success is evident in our client roster, which makes the MonStars look like chumps (yeah, we just went there with that Space Jam reference), AND it’s growing by the year!  I mean, who wouldn’t wanna be a part of this lineup?

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These guys are simply amazing at what they do. I have worked with them now for five years and they have never ever disappointed me. In fact, they continue to excel in every measure - creativity, flexibility, responsiveness. And, they are some of the nicest, most gracious people around. ECG most recently completed a demo reel for my own company, but I have also hired them on behalf of my clients - all of whom love working with them as much as I do.
Pam W.
I've worked with ECG Productions across several years (and jobs, all in Marketing, currently as a Director of Marketing for Cengage Learning) and multiple projects. ECG is and will always be my top choice. They do excellent work from start to finish. They are easy to get in touch with; always respond quickly to email; deliver the highest quality work in a timely way and most importantly, they take time to understand the project - including the audience and our goals for the video, the tone we want to set and the more subtle aspects of our messaging. I love these guys!
Aimee B.



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