Concrete Combat | Episode 101 | Wall to Wall

Concrete Combat is the tough-as-a-rock reality competition show you’ve been looking for

If you’re a builder who loves all things concrete, look no further than episode one of Concrete Combat. Partnering with Sakrete, we created the perfect reality competition show for those interested in concrete construction, from DIY enthusiasts to professional contractors. 

This episode focused on a fundamental job for any contractor: the retaining wall. Utilizing very different methods, our two teams showcased the pros and cons of surface bond cement versus the traditional brick-and-mortar method of construction. Both walls were judged by three factors: neatness, cost efficiency, and strength. Each team had a limited amount of time to finish their projects, and while one team was ahead in speed, our other team showed that slow and steady can get you a clean, strong build as well.

Our three expert judges were able to help our contestants along the way, testing their knowledge and providing construction guidance. With years of construction and masonry experience behind their belts, our judges were tough but fair, and were keen on sharing knowledge for all involved as well. You’ll have to stay tuned to see which team was able to cement a victory! 

Working With Sakrete 

ECG Productions worked hand-in-hand with Sakrete and their exhibit fabrication team to create the Concrete Colosseum, the arena where our show takes place. Using three 4k Black Magic Pocket Cinema cameras, we were able to achieve the crisp, high-quality look of other competition-based reality shows, but with a fraction of the equipment typically used. To bring it all together, we had our Director of Animation, Seth Johnson, create a kick-ass, battle-ready slate of motion graphics to ramp up the intensity and set the tone for the show.

This episode is the first of a six-episode run that culminates with the live finale at World of Concrete, an international event dedicated to the industries of masonry and concrete construction. You can expect more Concrete Combat coming your way soon!




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