Concrete Combat | Episode 102 | Old School v. New School

Concrete Combat is back with another hard hitting episode of metamorphic proportions. 

In the age-old battle of experience versus ingenuity, who will solidify their spot in the semi-finals? This episode not only brought on a generational battle: it also demonstrated two very different techniques that brought about their own set of benefits.

Our combators readied themselves, working to resurface a damaged concrete slab. Resurfacing is a detailed game, they were tasked with fixing the imperfections while mixing their Sakrete materials to the perfect consistency; all while being under the watchful eye of the judges. One team took on an age-old method that put them up against the clock, while the other set their sights on being timely, not worrying themselves with the cost…literally.  In the end, judgements do not just come down to the finished products, it’s also a matter of efficiency.

Meanwhile, our crew was finding their rhythm and laying the foundation for the rest of the series. As the concrete settled, they worked together to tackle their new obstacle: working with masonry. Camera lenses were dusted, and we caught all the angles as we watched cement dry–and it was definitely a nail biter.

Does slow and steady truly win the race or will the quick setting innovative method give the hare first prize?




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