Packaging solutions never looked so good.

Packaging might not be the sexiest industry out there, but this Activ-Blister explainer video for CSP Technologies might just change your mind. Talk to any packaging engineer about their process, and you’ll find the enthusiasm is infectious. We were inspired to draw on every ounce of our considerable animation know-how to give CSP a video as stunning as it was useful. We took this one all the way from script to screen. We’ve got to say, it’s a thrill to watch the words evolve into a polished final video. In this case, it was particularly rewarding because CSP Technologies had a revolutionary product to highlight! So we used state-of-the-art 3D modeling software to give it the pristine, crisp look it deserved. This project gave us a chance to flex our animation muscles and make CSP a happy client in the process. Sexy yet? We think so.

Client: CSP Technologies | Profile: Explainer Videos