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Delta Airlines & MLB | Call Up – Didi Gregorius

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Even far-away fans deserve to see their favorite MLB team play in their home park!

That’s the message behind Delta’s faux-Facetime videos featuring MLB players. Post-production on these videos was a breeze, especially in the case of infinitely-likeable Yankees shortshop, Didi Gregorius. The video may be a single take, but we used some slick effects to convincingly simulate the handheld style. Our resident audio wizard, Joe DiCosola, also worked his magic to make those “bleacher creatures” sound like they really were just off camera–certainly not recorded in-studio after the fact! All these videos close out with Delta’s vital call-to-action. Crisp, clean animation on this text keeps it dynamic and gets the word out at the same time. The winners of this contest went on to have truly incredible journeys to see their favorite teams. As fans ourselves, it feels great to have contributed to making their experiences a reality! Client: Delta Airlines / Major League BaseballProfile: Branded Content

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