Dixson, and more Talent | Hello My Name Is… Episode 8

Dixson, Ogi & Price

As the season drew to a close, ECG Productions partnered with The Populace Group once again, embarking on a journey back to the vibrant heart of Los Angeles to bring the grand finale of “Hello My Name Is…” to life. This series, a beacon of musical exploration and discovery, has consistently unveiled the fascinating stories behind the names of your favorite artists, offering viewers a rich tapestry of narratives and performances.

In this final episode, the charismatic Amber Grimes returned to host, guiding viewers through a series of profound interviews and captivating performances. The setting was none other than the historic Leimert Park District, a place where the pulse of culture and music beats strong, offering a platform where viewers could engage and interact in real time, fostering a dynamic and immersive experience.

New Location, Same Spirit

Marking a departure from the familiar backdrop of Harun Coffee, the team chose the renowned Paramount Recording Studios as the venue to bid farewell to this season. This shift in location brought a fresh wave of creativity and innovation, setting the stage for a finale that promised to be both grand and memorable.

At the helm of this transformation were Production Designers Summer St. John and Yajeel Brown, who embraced the challenge with gusto. Their vision and expertise were evident in the meticulous details that adorned the set, crafting a space that resonated with the essence of the show. A centerpiece of their design was a custom sign, emblazoned with the show’s logo, serving as a unifying element that tied the entire setup together, encapsulating the spirit and identity of “Hello My Name Is…”.

Until Next Time

Join us in this final escapade of the season, where the worlds of Dixson, Ogi, and Price unfold before you, offering a glimpse into the depth of their artistry and the stories that shaped their musical journeys. It’s a celebration of music, narratives, and the beautiful connections that music fosters, a fitting tribute to a season that has brought joy and inspiration to many.




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