Dutch Masters | Craft Syndicate – DL Warfield

Visual artist, content creator, and community leader DL Warfield dives into some of his most prominent pieces in this Dutch Masters powered mini-doc

When cigar brand Dutch Masters and their creative platform Craft Syndicate wanted to create a mini-doc series featuring influencers and content creators across the country, we jumped at the chance to get involved. The series was created to highlight each influencer’s community outreach, mentorship, and artistic craft. In this installment, we had the honor of showcasing Atlanta’s own DL Warfield. You probably know him for the album covers he’s designed over the years – TLC’s Fan Mail, the Michael Jackson Remix Suite, and OutKast’s ATLiens to name a few. He now creates pieces that are social and cultural commentaries, like his series American Flag Remix.

Sabai Burnett, our marketing genius collaborator and friend from The Populace Group, took care of the scheduling with DL. Mary Winter, ECG’s Lead Producer, then worked her magic to nail down locations and crew. Speaking of locations, we got to film at The Gathering Spot, a hub for community and creativity in Atlanta. The space exhibits DL’s work, but also serves as a place for networking and meetups with other Atlanta creatives. DL’s passion about The Gathering Spot and its role in the community was evident. It was the perfect location for the mini-doc. 

For this shoot, we needed a Director of Photography comfortable with a run-and-gun, cover-everything-you-can shooting method. Sebastian Chamaca and his mastery of the handheld camera rig filled the role perfectly. Our crew had to shoot fast, which meant they also had to travel light. That’s to say wherever you want to shoot, we can make it work.

When it came time for the assembly, ECG editor Emily Payton cracked her knuckles and got to work. This was the first mini doc of the series edited, and it solidified the overall tone for the series. She perfectly paired DL’s inspiring words with the dynamic shots of his artwork. Once the edit was locked, it was passed on to audio mix master Joe DiCosola and expert Colorist Jenn Lee, CSI. The final video is one of our favorites in the Craft Syndicate series, and reminds us how much we love our city and its creative community. 




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