Eric Bellinger, Jane Handcock, and more: Hello My Name Is | Episode 3

Eric Bellinger, Jane Handcock, Director Taj Stansberry, and Nana

Greetings, music enthusiasts, and welcome back to another exhilarating episode of “Hello, My Name Is…”, brought to you straight from the vibrant locale of Harun Coffee in LA. Our dedicated ECG crew transformed your Twitch screens into a vibrant concert stage, offering a front-row seat to some of the most electrifying performances in the music scene.

In this much-anticipated third episode, we invite you to join us on the iconic orange couch for a night brimming with musical talent and captivating performances. Premiering on March 16, this episode promises a visual and auditory feast, featuring the dynamic artistry of Eric Bellinger, Jane Handcock, and Nana, with a special guest appearance by the renowned Director Taj Stansberry.

Bringing The Episode to Life

Our journey began two days before going live, as our team, led by the adept Camera Operators Alessandro Graci and Sebastian Chamaca, embarked on a meticulous preparation process. Despite the challenge of packing light for our flight from Atlanta to LA, we managed to secure all the necessary gear from 4th Street Productions, ensuring a seamless production setup.

As the countdown to the live stream began, the atmosphere at Harun Coffee transformed into a buzzing hub of creativity and anticipation. The team worked tirelessly to set the stage, creating a welcoming space that echoed the vibrant energy of the show. With a start time set at 6:00 PM PST, the final 15 minutes became a whirlwind of activity, characterized by final tweaks and bustling communications.

Beating the Clock with Quality Delivery

This crucial quarter-hour saw Alesso working magic with color grading, adding the final touches that would enhance the visual appeal of the show. Meanwhile, our Technical Director, Emily Payton, orchestrated the live editing with a blend of skill and grace, utilizing the AATEM Mini Extreme ISO switchboard to ensure a flawless broadcast. Despite having a limited camera setup, the team managed to craft a dynamic viewing experience, creating the illusion of a six-camera operation.

As we look forward to the next episode, we invite you to stay tuned for more mesmerizing performances and inspiring entrepreneurial stories in Episode 4 of “Hello, My Name Is…”. Join us as we continue to celebrate the hottest artists and entrepreneurs gracing the music industry today.




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