Finding the Right Song: Evaluating the Peloton Commercial

Peloton Commercial

Music does it all.

It sets the mood. It gets you up and moving. It makes you feel all the feelings. More so, music makes you remember. That’s why the peloton Commercial incorporate music.

How often do you hear a song and it takes you back to a specific moment in your life? Maybe you associate it with a person, an event, or that one summer where so much happened.

This power that music has makes it an instrumental (get it?) piece to any commercial. The right song will not only keep your audience engaged with the content, but it helps them remember your brand, product, or service. That’s why picking the right song is essential when it comes to your commercial.

Lyrics, Yes Or No?

Your first decision, when thinking about the music in your commercial, is whether to have lyrics. If you’re leaning toward an easily recognizable piece of music, even something currently getting a lot of play, keep the lyrics in. You want people signing along and thinking about your brand every time they hear the song elsewhere.

If you’re going for a more emotional commercial, where the images and action ‘say’ a lot, you may want to consider an instrumental track. Just like within a movie, the right musical background can enhance what’s already happening on screen, allowing feelings to build and a deeper connection to occur between your audience and your message.

Let the song speak for you

Once you figure out where you stand on lyrics, it’s time to find a song that can really speak for your brand. Yes, it should match the tone of your commercial, whatever mood you’re conveying, but it can also take on some of your messaging. The lyrics can match the intent of your commercial in a way that makes the audience feel like the song belongs with your brand.

Using a song that can speak for you creates a more cohesive commercial, and a more memorable one.

Remixing is okay

Once you pick your song, don’t feel stuck keeping it in its natural form. Songs average about three-and-a-half minutes, but commercials are typically only 30 seconds. To get the best parts of the song into your commercial, you may have to get creative.

This can mean starting songs from somewhere in the middle, or cobbling together different parts to create a shorter version. Remixing works well if you want the song to feel like it has a beginning, middle, and end within your shortened time frame.

It’s also important you capture the part of the song that produces the most impact for your commercial. This may only be the chorus, or a single verse where the lyrics tie in perfectly to what you’re trying to say.

The Peloton commercial playlist

You’ll find songs in most commercials, and brands that really do it right. Take Peloton for example. Even with the controversy around one of their commercials, each one picks a song that matches the get-up-and-go attitude of the brand. 

Peloton commercials cast a wide net when it comes to song choice, but just like iPod commercials did a decade ago, audiences find themselves waiting to see what song will play in their next ad.  

Find the right tune

No matter what stage you’re at in making your own commercial, if you need help selecting the right song, contact ECG Productions. Our full suite of production services means we’re here to help at any stage of the production process. This includes assisting with licensing issues to get that perfect song, or helping you find the right musical fit that doesn’t carry a huge price tag.

Let us help you make the perfect commercial. Contact ECG today to get the conversation started.

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