Fitness Bank | Instagram Influencer Video #1

Fitness Bank made their first foray into the world of social media influencers with our Instagram workout video series

When our friends at Fitness Bank were looking to run a social media campaign to reach new audiences, we knew just what to do. Teaming the brand up with social media influencers for fitness-centered Instagram videos was a no brainer! All we had to do was find the right online presence to represent America’s first lifestyle bank. Our client knew they wanted to partner with a spunky, active female with a large, engaged audience. ECG Producer Muriel Lee went on a deep dive across social platforms to find influencers that fit the bill.

In the end, we landed on Jessica Hughes of @happilyhughes. She combines her love of working out with fashion and all things mom-life in her Instagram posts. We asked Jessica to brainstorm a few workouts using only a physio ball that were also simple enough to do in a living room (and our studio). After that, we were ready to shoot!

On the production side, our DP Sebastian Chamaca set up a sideways camera rig so we could film in the correct orientation for phone screens. A bright, even lighting set up in our studio made every movement clear and easy to follow. It also ensured our talent’s snazzy Fitness Bank workout gear stood out and looked good.

To start the post-production process, Editor Cameron Shaw took the footage and cut follow-along videos that the folks at home could sweat to. Each one had to be long enough to qualify as an Instagram reel. That way it would always be accessible from Jessica’s profile. Then, Director/Animator Seth Johnson created some simple graphics, relaying the name of the workout, the amount of sets and reps, and tips to help followers with their form and execution.

After setting everything to some upbeat music, we deployed the short social spots on Jessica’s Instagram page. Fitness Bank was ready for their new enrollments, and we learned some new workout moves along the way! 




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