The ARRI T5 is a 5000W light fixture specifically tailored to the needs of shooting on location. Tungsten-balanced at a color temperature of 3200K, and featuring a reflector made of high purity aluminum, the T5 is quality and versatile; an update on the type of fixture that has been an industry standard for decades.

The T5 incorporates a 10″ Fresnel lens and is compatible with 13″ scrims and snoots.

The T5 is a member of the ARRI True Blue series, which includes an amalgamation of features designed to improve your experience. The fixture incorporates a cooling system that decreases the amount of emitted heat by up to 25%. It is made of aluminum components that are designed to be resistant to corrosion.

Rental includes barn doors and scrims.



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Additional information

Weight 25.5 lbs
Dimensions 25.75 × 11 × 15.4 in


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