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Kino Flo 2′ 2-Bank


The Kino-Flo 2′ 2-bank features two 2′ fluorescent tubes in one fixture. One of the best aspects of Kino banks is their exceptionally low power draw; you can easily power them without worrying about blowing a fuse or tripping a breaker.

Kinos remain cool to the touch, and also run quietly. You can use both tungsten-balanced and daylight-balanced tubes in the same fixture, making it versatile for numerous setups and color temperature needs. Emitting soft, diffused light, Kino 2′ 2 banks are especially useful as fill and backlights. The 2′ 2-bank's light output is roughly equivalent to a 500W fixture.

Includes interchangeable tungsten and daylight balanced bulbs, fixture, and ballast. CRI of 95.


Additional information

Weight 4.7 lbs
Dimensions 27 × 7.5 × 3.5 in