Hachette Book Group | Capturing the Devil – Book Promo

Gothic horror collides with teen romance in this scintillating book trailer!

Working with James Patterson and his brand has brought us some of the coolest, most creative projects we’ve done to-date. This book trailer for Kerri Maniscalco’s Capturing the Devil is easily one of our favorites. The book was the fourth and final installment in her series of historical horror books featuring precocious Audrey Rose and her partner in work and love, the incorrigible Thomas Cresswell. 

Our charge? Build the hype for the series finale by recalling moments and themes from the previous books, hinting at the future, and let the sizzle show between Audrey Rose and Thomas. All that in less than sixty seconds. 

Drawn in by the Victorian England aesthetic, Cameron Shaw took the project by the fancy lapels and didn’t let go. He scripted the concept, directed the shoot, and handled the edit. But you must pardon our manners, we’re getting ahead of ourselves. You see, this was still a massive team effort!

Our producers and set designers to source props and wardrobe. We had surgical equipment, fake skulls, period-accurate clothing, fake blood, and so much more. Tying the color scheme of each book into the production meant early and frequent consulting between our colorist, DP, and grip/gaff department! We’re talking party gels and haze for days, good people.

And, heavens, don’t even get us started on post-production! The edit was half the fiercely fought battle, but Seth Johnson’s motion graphics were equally essential to victory. From unique text treatments to the shimmering of the playing cards, his attention to detail paid off exquisitely. What emerged is a fitting tribute to a stellar YA series, and commercial as enticing as a smile from Thomas Cresswell!




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