Hachette Book Group | Swipe Right for Murder Promo

This steamy spot makes for a book trailer that’ll get your blood pumping, one way or another!

When Jason Sirotin pitched this concept, we knew we had a winner. It was sleek, sexy, perfectly suited to Swipe Right for Murder, a new thriller from longitme clients James Patterson and Hachette Book Group. The use of the mirror as a dating app was so surreal, but it spoke right to the tone and even the title of the book. 

The budget was tight, so we kept the shoot lean and well-chiseled–I mean, uh, mean. We made the most of our money by focusing funds on set-dec and post-production visual effects. The set was minimalist, but we knew we had to capture a very specific stylized look, and our production design team crushed it. We swapped out a practical mirror for a greenscreen, knowing we could make the switch in post. The plan went off without a hitch as Kelsey Merriam Cherney cranked out the edit, seamlessly executing the transition. VFX wizard Seth Johnson did our dating app emulation in Adobe After Effects.

Notice how we didn’t mention spending on talent? That’s because we had hunks on hand for this! That’s right: Both our towel-clad victim and our murderer work here at ECG. Seth himself jumped out of the mirror with a knife, and Cameron Shaw provided the abs. Three days of fasting (his own choice) left him loopy but trim on the day of the shoot. The result of all this? A shockingly good commercial, and a great tool for embarrassing Cam at bars on the weekends!




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