James Patterson | Jacky Ha-Ha Book Trailer

We welcomed the challenge of bringing James Patterson’s spunky middle-grade heroine Jacky Ha-Ha to life in this animated book trailer.

Lockdown has posed a lot of challenges for our in-person, collaborative industry. But for us, knocking out awesome animated content isn’t one! When James Patterson re-imagined his middle-grade story, Jacky Ha-Ha, into a really cute graphic novel, we saw an opportunity to create a top-notch animated book trailer, even while working from home. While we’re on the subject, take a look at our 2020 Social Distancing Reel to see more of our fully remotely made work!

Collin Ingram, freed temporarily from his usual grip positions on production sets, stepped in to lead the creative vision. His knowledge and love for the comic art style allowed him to visualize and perfectly encapsulate Jim’s spunky teen character. And her wacky adventures!

After script lock, it was time for ECG 3D animator David Hixon to step in. As another cartoon enthusiast, David was the first choice for the gig. He led the effort in taking Jacky from 2D comic panels to a moving character on screen. Along with help from Illustrator Anneli Brown, he bought the graphic novel’s original digital art assets into After Effects and injected them with movement.

The video didn’t feel complete until our in-house audio mixer Joe stepped in with some pretty incredible sound design. For the voiceover, our own Emily Payton channelled her best pre-teen sensibilities. It was the perfect element to bring the mix all together!

We couldn’t be happier with how this book trailer turned out. The final video is a cheerful reminder of how well our team rises to every challenge, just like Jacky!




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