James Patterson | The Fall of Crazy House – RUN

No matter how fast you run, you can’t escape this book trailer!

From the moment we sat down with James Patterson’s team to talk about The Fall of Crazy House, we knew that this was a hit. Equal parts thriller and coming of age story, it’s no wonder it flew off the shelves!

To capture the excitement and intensity of the novel itself, we bundled up and shot our grittiest (and coldest) book trailer to date! Shot on location at Mabry Farm, our team captured the on-the-run feel of the novel’s two main characters, Becca and Cassie. Director Seth Johnson prioritized macro shots and extreme-wide roaming shots to showcase the severity of the scene. The handheld camera work, coupled with the spot’s desaturated color grade lend it a stark immediacy.

Also, we got creative to make this project’s relatively small budget work. In fact, the two “sisters” in the shoot were none other than our talented team members, Kelsey and Emily! Talk about a multi-faceted team, y’all! 

Client: James Patterson | Profile: Commercial Video

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