James Patterson | Unsolved – Puzzling Commercial

James Patterson’s smash hit thriller is a puzzle in more ways than one

Unsolved was one of James Patterson’s most successful thrillers of 2019, so we delivered a spot worthy of the hype. We created this 15 second commercial for web-only. But then, something awesome happened. People loved the book, and our friends at Hachette loved this animation! Unsolved’s popularity, along Trey Gregory’s slick animation, vaulted up to a broadcast spot. Wide distribution can get complicated, but it’s no problem when you really know your stuff.

To create the puzzle in the trailer, Trey used the Shatter plugin in After Effects. Then, we found an awesome voiceover artist. Finally, Joe DiCosola’s haunting mix brought it all together. The mix is so important for any project, but a great one is truly essential for horror and thrillers! A dread-inducing drone. The high-pitched, staccato stingers. The mix is the step that really puts pits in the audience’s stomachs.

The Unsolved trailer accomplishes this beautifully. The team executed on every level, and the client was over the moon. The twisty plot of Unsolved might leave you guessing, but there’s no question as to why this cleverly-animated trailer blew up!

Client: James Patterson | Profile: Commercial Video




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