ME or THE WHIP is a reality dating series that explores the materialism that is so prevalent in today’s relationship scene. In each 22-minute episode, the hosts, Ron and Thomas, hook up the ultimate dream date for an ideally matched couple. However, one of the daters is not revealing their true economic status. They might be a broke college student who gets a nice whip for the date – or they could be a wealthy executive who has to show up driving a busted-up hooptie. At the end of their date, the unsuspecting dater will decide whether or not he or she is interesting in a second date. After that, the truth will be revealed and they’ll have to decide if they want to change their opinion based on what their date really drives.


ME or THE WHIP appeals to young people who are interested in the dating scene. Females will watch it for the drama and the love connections; males will tune in for the cars, the girls and the tension of the deceit. There is also an aspirational element to the show. Anyone who has dreamed about how their dating life would be different if they were wealthy will be able to relate to the dater who is made-over. Conversely, viewers who are tired of phony people will enjoy watching the drama unfold when the truth is revealed.


Ron Tyler and Thomas Powell are the hosts and creators of ME or THE WHIP. They are young, attractive, and well informed about the dating scene. The concept for the show is based on their own real-life dating experiences. They strongly believe that relationships shouldn’t be about how much money you have or what kind of car you drive and wanted to explore the conflict between superficiality and sincerity in an entertaining way. Though there is a comedic element, this is a show with a heart. ME or THE WHIP aims to shed light on problems with the modern dating scene and to inspire viewers to change their priorities when it comes to finding an ideal partner.


ME or THE WHIP is primarily targeted towards males and females age 18-34. The show will also appeal to teens and tweens because cars and dating are very relevent to their social lives. Many young people aspire to increasing their socio-economic status and will be entertained by the social drama that is inherent in every episode of ME or THE WHIP. While African-Americans may find the show most relatable, people of all ethnicites will find something to enjoy because the issues posed are a reflection of today’s economic hardships and income inequality. The show features man-on-the-street-style interviews with celebrities, as well as regular people, to illustrate the social issues at hand, while also keeping the narrative entertaining and relatable. ME or THE WHIP strives for authenticity and will never feel “over-produced”  The stories told will always be based in genuine personal interaction, because today’s discerning young audience will appreciate that the show keeps it real.

ME or THE WHIP, is an ECG Productions original. To view the full pilot episode CONTACT US.


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