The Muffin Man (an animated series)
The Muffin Man logline
The Muffin Man - Manfred
The Muffin Man - Charlotte
The Muffin Man - Acquaintance Bot

Doomed to scour the corners of Drury Lane for eternity in search of new muffins, Manfred (voiced by Phil Cornwell, of Dead Ringers and Gorillaz fame) and his reluctant servants, Charlotte and Acquaintance-Bot, begin most episodes embarking on elaborate schemes to “muffinize” the youth, usually involving one of Charlotte’s fantastical contraptions. Their plans are often thwarted by sheer incompetence or interference from one of Manfred’s meddling colleagues on the Council of Mythical Figures. Headed by revered fellows such as Santa, Krampus, and Father Time, the illustrious Council holds little regard for those they view as the bottom-rung freaks of the organization, such as The Sandman, The Tooth Fairy, and lowliest of all, “The Muffin Man.” Manfred refuses to stand for indignity, and will not rest until he earns the respect he deserves, reigning supreme over the Council.

Described as a “Grimms’ Fairytale” version of “Rick and Morty,” “The Muffin Man” is a whimsical dark comedy series set in modern day Drury Lane, USA. On his quest to create new muffins, 187 year old Manfred must stay current, engaging with (somewhat) timely pop-culture phenomena, such as when he develops a knock-off Pokemon GO app to control the neighborhood children’s every movement, or when he launches a gansta rap career in order to gain his “street credentials,” “The Muffin Man” is as eclectic and versatile as it is bizarre and irreverent. Currently spanning over five completed scripts, episodes such as “Techno Pagans” (featured in the animated proof of concept above) are ready and eagerly awaiting full production, so that this rich macabre universe may be brought to life.

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