Sony PlayStation | My Road to Greatness: Mooresville, NC

This Mini-Doc for Sony led us into Uncharted territory…

For years, Sony PlayStation’s My Road to Greatness promotion has given lucky fans the experience of a lifetime. We’re talking huge mega-events complete with crazy cool giveaways and jaw-dropping reveals. So, after another awesome year helping shoot Sony’s E3 Theatrical Experience, they brought us along to shoot this year’s installments.

The first of these landed us in the quaint little town of Mooresville, NC. Sony rolled into town and put on an epic event centered around the contest winner’s favorite franchise, the Uncharted series.

Over the course of 2 long, very rural North Carolina summer days, our team put in some serious work. Using a combination of our Black Magic Ursa Mini Pro, a Sony FS7, and our X5 (both for drone footage and on a handheld gimbal), we got more coverage than Sony knew what to do with. It was all run-&-gun, and amazingly fun.

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