National Vision | Eyeglass World – Made Locally, Given Globally

It’s easy to see the heart that went into this mini-documentary

We helped National Vision tell this awesome story of charity for their annual conference. It’s a heartfelt mini-documentary that drives home the value of great eye care, and the importance of caring for others!

National Vision is one of our favorite clients for so many reasons. First and foremost, their people are genuine and kind. We knew that NVI, and by extension, Eyeglass World, cared deeply about their associates and providing eye care. As such, it was no surprise to see them doing great charitable work with the Made Locally, Given Globally initiative. 

In order to avoid disruptions to business, we travelled to an Eyeglass World location early one morning. Director of Photography Emily Payton employed two cameras, using our Ursa Mini and our Canon C200 for an interview and some b-roll with Eyeglass World VP Jacqueline Grove, and several Eyeglass World associates. 

The well-spoken subjects of our interviews provided a great backbone for the piece. Editor Cameron Shaw combined them with footage and still photography the client provided to craft the edit. In it, you can see how much pride and care both Mrs. Grove and the associates take in the program. 

The elements of this project may be simple, but it still became one of our favorites. It’s sweet without being sappy, and, like all good documentaries, you leave it seeing things just a little differently. 




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