2D Infographic Animation

When it comes to spreading information, animation might be the most versatile tool around. It creates distinct characters and fully-formed stories, and it helps present information in a memorable and unique way. As a result, presenting raw data, lists, research, and more, is a much less tedious experience for your audience. Specifically, 2D animation is a great route to take when you want to create visually engaging infographics.

Why 2D infographic animation works

Think about the last report your company made. This stuff is probably pretty important for your employees to understand, right? It was probably chock full of graphs, charts, and statistics showing the strides your business has taken, and where you’re hoping to go in the future. That’s information you want your employees to know! 

Now think about the average attention span of an individual. It’s about 8 seconds, according to a Microsoft report. Is that long enough to get through your whole report? Seems unlikely. Transforming the key data from your report into a 2D infographic animation buys you more time with your audience — potentially up to two minutes! This helps ensure the right people are truly engaging with your content, and retaining what you’re presenting.

Infographics present material with a combination of color, images, and moving text. The energy inherent in animation makes connecting with your audience that much easier. Deciding to create an animated infographic can be a highly effective strategy for information sharing. 

Ways to animate text

A static image might combine graphics and text in a colorful and creative way, but it’s still only a picture. Animating it takes that static infographic and ensures the viewer pays attention to it, at least as long as the animation lasts. When that text slides across the screen and the image displays a little movement, you can be sure that no one’s going to miss it.

What about really dynamic text graphics? Kinetic type brings a ton of emphasis to spoken words in a video, and can be used in a million creative ways. 

There are a ton of style options when designing your 2D infographic animation. Whether the text is sliding across the screen, shifting in size, or zig-zagging every which-way; the possibilities are endless. New technology even gives us the ability to create fluid typography. That ensures the text resizes to match the width of any device, improving the quality of content for your audience regardless of the size of their screen.

Ways to use 2D infographics

2D infographic animation gives you the ability to take complex content and present it in a way that’s easy to swallow. Maybe even fun! You can craft training videos, or educate colleagues on challenging issues. You know, the kinds of issues that make for those Powerpoint presentations. The style of an animated infographic holds an audience’s attention. It allows you to convey your message effectively, impressively, and in a way that doesn’t send everyone running to the coffeemaker afterwards.

2D infographic animation: a case study

An animated video we created for Kimberly-Clark, chock full of 2D infographics.

Let’s check out an example, shall we? This animated infographic we created for Kimberly-Clark illustrates impactful statistics related to cybersecurity and individual safety risks. And it teaches employees how to protect themselves and their information from breach. The format took this typically dry, but very important, topic and used a playful presentation to up engagement.

How a production company creates an animated infographic

These videos are so effective, it’s no wonder they’re so popular! Working with an experienced production company, who will take your content and masterfully prepare it to suit the platform, is important. The creative team at ECG Productions has extensive knowledge of animation and infographic style. It’s all about taking difficult to understand concepts, boiling them down to their core, and making them pop on screen. Your content doesn’t just have to be informative, it can be entertaining, too.

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