3D Logo Animation

Logos are an important part of any brand. Arguably, they’re the MOST important graphic element of a brand’s marketing. The interplay of colors, images, and graphics tell your story. 

With our logo, we wanted to strike a balance between sleek professionalism and playful nods to hallmarks of the video industry (RGB color scheme plus play and rewind buttons). We’re all about getting stuff done and having fun while we do it, so that’s what our logo reflects! 

A 3-D logo is a fantastic way to up your logo game. Depth and motion really add impact to a logo and the right 3D animation can take a logo from plain to eye-catching in no time. 

What happens when you take your logo to the third dimension? It revamps your brand and creates an opportunity for your customers to literally look at your brand in an all new way. 

Let’s take a look at a recent project we did for the Orlando Magic basketball team. Here’s the logo after we got our magic animation hands on it:

We added lighting effects and smoke particles to make this image dynamic. The effect immediately grabs a viewer’s attention. It even gave us the chance to include The Amway Center and bring the city of Orlando into the mix! 

Our 2019 reel has a few other great examples of our work including clients like Paleo Bites, iMeet, and Aflac, among others. And even our own 3-D logo. Yeah, we’re pretty damn proud of it:

How it Works

Generating 3D logos is a collaborative effort between animators and clients. At ECG, our animators work with our clients to obtain the most up-to-date vector image assets from our clients to start the process. This is the simplest and most surefire way to kick things off right. From there, creating the 3D animation might require any one of a few different steps. Sometimes, when we’re doing custom asset creation, we use Autodesk Maya, but we also make use of Maxon Cinema 4D, good old Adobe After Effects, and various plugins. 

If a client doesn’t have a logo, or they want to design a new one, it’s a bit different. We actually start with hand-drawn concept art and show off several options. When the client picks a few they like, we bring it into the digital space. We’ve got some talented artists on staff who know exactly how to capture a company’s message in a logo! 

When we have our design, our top-notch motion graphics team gets to work. Using the most advanced powerful graphic solutions in the industry today, they can deliver graphical content that will hold up in any resolution, from standard definition all the way up to 4K and beyond. 

Whether you need an iconic and dynamic animation for a smartphone screen or a Jumbotron, we can provide the high-quality motion graphics to take your vision to the next level.

Give us a call today to learn more about 3D animation, and make your logo stand out.