Animal Rentals

Although it’s a niche facet of video production, sometimes it’s vitally important to work with a team that really knows animal rentals. Think of it this way: what if you’re shooting a commercial that takes place on a farm, but you have no idea where to find farm animals? Where do you turn when your shot requires a stunt-capable horse? These are questions that (most likely) won’t come up on a corporate video shoot, but it’s always good to have a go-to source anyways!

One of the biggest challenges of any production is fostering a sense of reality. The world you create with your set should feel lifelike. Having access to certain four-or-more-legged friends can go a long way to building that fantasy!

Keeping it safe and legal

A brown yak stands in a green field.
Rented animals have their own set of rules that we have to follow.

There are two parties that have their own set of rules when it comes to employment in the film and production industry. One is children, and the other is animals.

To prevent animal abuse in the entertainment industry, the AWA (Animal Welfare Act) indirectly regulates the private parties that rent animals to producers. In addition, the ESA (Endangered Species Act) ensures that producers are prohibited from using certain endangered or threatened species on screen.

In addition, the AHA (Animal Humane Association) enforces guidelines for producers using animal actors. Producers who comply with these guidelines will then have clearance to post the “No Animals Were Harmed” disclaimer in the end credits.

Animal rentals at ECG

Lion animal rental roars while lying on green grass.
Whatever animal rental you need, make that dream a reality with ECG Productions.

Even as you’re reading this article and learning about animal rentals, there’s an idea in the back of your mind. It’s perfect and you can see it clearly, but no one else can. Yet.

Bring that dream to reality with ECG Productions.

It’s easy to feel overwhelmed by all the work involved in a production, especially if your idea requires something like exotic animal rentals. Here at ECG, we help put the pieces together so that you can focus on the vision.

At ECG Productions, we facilitate every phase of the production, and animal rentals is just one part of that. Whether it’s renting a Dalmatian, a donkey, or damn near anything else, we can and will source it for you! Our wide range of connections makes us incredible collaborators.

We have connections with the best professional rental services for trained animals. Thanks to years of experience working on a huge variety of productions, we know every angle of the industry.

Using animals in your production can help market your brand. For instance, check out this a recipe video we did for the National Peanut Board.

Our animal rentals team can help cast trained animals in the perfect part.

I’m sure you noticed the friendly pup that makes an appearance at 1:19! I mean honestly, how could you not?

Why? Because the video needed a break from endless recipe tutorial for a moment, and what better way to enforce the family-oriented brand of the production than by letting a dog into the frame to snack on some fallen fruit?

No matter what you need or when you need it, leave the work to ECG. Even the most complicated project will become easy before you know it.