Los Angeles Fixer

Shooting your project in the heart of the entertainment industry can be daunting. Los Angeles County is humongous, and home to over ten million people. Throw a rock in any direction and chances are you’ll hit a rental house. So how can you tell the good ones from the bad? Easy, you don’t have to.

Our team has relationships with numerous Los Angeles fixers that know their City of Angels like the back of their hand.

From the Valley to the OC

To someone from out of town, the sheer sprawl of Los Angeles can be confusing. Hardly anything is actually shot in Hollywood itself, and half of the major studios are in the valley. (The San Fernando Valley that is, but in LA, it’s the valley.) Downtown LA is just another neighborhood, and when people tell you which highway to get on they add “the” in front of it. The 101. The 405. “Can’t we just call it I-5 like, I dunno, EVERYWHERE ELSE IN THE NATION!?”

Our fixers communicate with you and your team to make sure that the city is at your fingertips, and you’re able to get around with ease. They’ll help you figure out where to stay, where to eat, and how to get from downtown to the beach in under thirty minutes. They’ll ensure your production runs smoothly, and tell you the best spots for sushi!

Location, Location, Location

Our Los Angeles fixers know all the spots to shoot, and what they look like. Part of the appeal of shooting in California is that it can easily double for many different places. Did you know that the Kentucky hollers of Justified were actually in Santa Clarita? Or the suburban dreariness of Dunder-Mifflin Scranton wasn’t Pennsylvania, but Van Nuys?

Our team will help you scout locations that you’d swear were the real place. Wanna go to another planet? Check out Vasquez Rocks, where Star Trek’s been shooting exteriors for years. Mediterranean Coast? Just as good as the real thing.

Perhaps you’d like a real, lived-in location. That’s no problem at all, as Los Angeles has multitudes of “film friendly” businesses, restaurants, and spaces. These are actual places that are used to the needs of filming on location and are ready and willing to host your project. And they’re all over town.

Our fixers know where to base your project, and just as important, how to get you there without the extra hassle. The last thing you want to do is fly into Burbank airport, rent gear in Culver City, then truck it out to Pasadena. We ensure that you spend most of your time on set, and not on CA-134….sorry, THE 134.

Talent Pool

One of the advantages to shooting in Los Angeles is the pool of talent. The sheer number of industry professionals can be overwhelming. We have relationships with numerous cinematographers, sound recorders, camera operators, writers, hosts, actors, directors, and even animal wranglers. 

Say we’re partnering up to produce a video for one of your clients. Things change and last minute, the date falls through, and we need to rebook. In other cities, rebooking the same level of talent can be difficult, but not in Los Angeles. Our fixers will stop at nothing to make sure that you have an A-List production team when you need them. And don’t worry: that goes for gear too. Our fixers know who to call in a pinch. “Hey, last minute I know, but can we book your camera for the day?” “Sure thing, I’ll run it over. You want the RED or the Arri?”

The Heart of the Entertainment Industry

Our fixers are ready to be your personal guide to all that Southern California has to offer, beyond your production. They can’t wait to show you why Los Angeles remains the beating heart of the entertainment production industry!