360º Livestream Video Production

At ECG Productions, we know all too well just how exhilarating a live event can be. From concerts, to awards ceremonies; from conventions, to local festivals: we’ve captured video for them all. And while event coverage is an amazing way to showcase the highlights, there’s no substitute for actually being there. As the phrase goes: you’re there to take it all in, not just the standout moments.

And now, with 360º livestream video production from ECG, you can do just that!

Take It All In

360º livestream video provides audiences with immersion unlike ever before. Thousands of viewers flock to sites every day to catch Livestream feed from big events or a big product release. But now, with the release of cutting edge 360 cameras like the Insta360 Pro, those streams just got WAY more dynamic.

Taking in a total 360º view means seeing an event from every angle imaginable. You’ll feel the palpable excitement of the crowd. You’ll bask in the glow of the lights and the roar of the crowds. What’s more, with 360º livestream video, not only will you feel like you’re there in the moment, you’ll actually be there, too!

Take Your Event, Your Story to the Limit

360º photo from 360º livestream video coverage

Technology like 360º livestream video is at the sharpest tip of the cutting edge of technology. While 360º video and VR video have ascended as staples of contemporary media, livestreaming in crisp 360º video is still on the up-and-up. However, it provides brands with an uncharted and exciting way to reach consumers. And nothing grabs audiences more than offering them a new, remarkable experience.

Being at the forefront of your industry means you have to stay up to speed with the latest and greatest technology.

But why settle for keeping pace? Why not go for lapping the competition, and giving audiences something spectacular along the way?

Let’s be real: your event, your work, your story is kick-ass (go on, you can admit it). It’s time for people to experience it through some equally awesome, ahead of its time 360º livestream video.

Take Stock of YOUR 360º Livestream Video Partner

At ECG Productions, we’re ready to bring your event to life—all 360 glorious degrees of it. Our team of 360º experts have been leading the charge in Atlanta since the technology finally caught up to the concept, and there’s no chance we’re stopping now!

If you’re ready to make your event memorable—even for those that can’t actually be there—contact us today. We’re ready to make your 360º livestream video dreams come true.

Contact us today and let your audience experience the next stage of livestream video production!