Drone Video & Aerial Photography

When it comes to realizing your vision, sometimes the best thing you can do is to not stay grounded. Let your head wander the clouds. Maybe you have a complex choreographed piece with intricate camera moves you just couldn’t pull off with traditional gear. Or perhaps you need some amazing b-roll of majestic mountains and skyscapes. Whatever your needs, ECG Productions, have you covered — even from high altitudes!

In an increasingly sophisticated production world, video drones have become a staple of almost any aerial video production. Their unprecedented ability to cover a wide range of motion offers vantage points and angles that, previously, were too cost-prohibitive for many productions.

Nowadays, whether you’re a nationwide network television show or a local business shooting a commercial on a budget, drone video production is a novel and accessible way to get great coverage no matter what the scope.

Drone Photography and Video Atlanta Georgia

Making Great Video On The Fly

Here at ECG, staying at the forefront of this rapidly developing technology isn’t just our profession, it’s our passion and our pastime. Our team is as at home staying abreast of the ever-increasing technologies as they are piloting or camera-manning a drone. And our enthusiasm shines through in all of our work.

But when you work with ECG, you get so much more than just our grade A team and technology. You get our unbeatable service, as well. Our team’s proven track record of top-class customer service, high-quality production value, and expansive portfolio of work makes our drone video services second to none.

We’re ready, today, to be your drone video partner. Let’s make a story that soars, together!