Rigging Grips

Sheesh, get a grip, dude.

If you’re used to working on film sets, then you know a little bit about grips. Grips typically work with non-electrical equipment for lighting and camera departments. They provide the support for lights and cameras on set using rigging equipment. And they’re an instrumental part of the team.

Rigging grips, specifically, are responsible for setting up a scene before the camera crew arrives. They attach grip and lighting hardware to a wide variety of structures. This is done to light a set and provide camera support. They set up the rigging to capture how the director wants a shot. It can involve using cranes, dolly tracks, and camera shots.

Don’t worry. We’re going to say “rig” a few more times.

Rigging grips also often erect blackout tents for turning day into night at on-location sets. Additionally they erect scaffolding and other support mechanisms. Need a way to stabilize your camera on a moving bicycle? A rigging grip can make that happen. Want to capture a bird’s eye view of some tabletop action? That’s a cake walk for a rigging grip. In short, it’s KIND OF an important job.

A classic example of the bird’s eye view rigging grips help achieve

Grips like to hang out

With proper equipment, you can rig cameras to walls, dropped ceilings, beams, set walls, suspended on a rope, or hung on pipes. Good rigging grips understand all the technical aspect of sufficient underlying structure, resistance to forces, and other bits of physics-related gobbledygook.

ECG understands that when rigging is done right, it’s a seamless task. Our seasoned on-staff grips work closely with directors and cinematographers to create an efficient and safe set.  Without a kick-ass grip, accidents can happen. And when accidents happen, it can set a film back and create insurance and financial headaches.

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As a script-to-screen provider ECG ensures that your project has hardworking personnel that can tell the difference between a C-stand and a C-clamp. And that the rigging grips have the equipment to make it work in a professional and timely manner.

By the time you get to set, all the hard work of troubleshooting and set-up will be accounted for and already done.

All you have to do is call “action.”

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