Line Producing

Essential to any video production, line producing is the entire breakdown around a project’s finances. Extremely beneficial, especially in larger productions, the line producer fills a crucial role throughout the entire production process. Not only are they in charge of all line items in a budget, but they must have a detailed understanding of the whole project from the very start.

Where monitoring the budget begins

The line producer usually fills an integral role within the overall production. Managing the money starts as the budget finalizes. After that, the line producer establishes what needs to be paid for based off the script. And each individual cost is monitored throughout production. By the time filming begins, line producers are intimately aware of where every penny is being spent. Keeping a production on budget ensures there are enough funds to reach completion, minimizing the risk of running out of money mid-way.

How to be a good line producer

Being responsible for the money requires you to possess a few essential traits. Being detail-oriented and organized is extremely important for a line producer. If just one budgetary piece slips through the cracks, a production could over-extend its finances. This could potentially put the project at a standstill. Nobody wants to run out of money before their project is complete.

Line producers should also excel when it comes to multitasking. Managing an entire budget means handing expenses for every department on a production. You’re often required to check-in and continually communicate with each department, all while maintaining the bottom line. This often translates into a daily review of costs to ensure a project never veers off track financially. Being able to manage this often time-sensitive work on a regular basis helps a production succeed.

The line producer is so important to a production because of their constant vigilance with the details of a video production project. The traits they bring to the responsibility helps ensure the budget, and the project, are never at risk.

Why line producers need to know the film industry

Although managing the finalized budget is the key responsibility of a line producer, they can’t do their job well if they don’t understand the industry. Having a firm grasp of how a production works and what all the different departments need to function is essential. Being good with numbers gets you through maintaining the budget, sure. But understanding what the real costs of filming are ensures wise spending on any production. 

A good line producer can tell you what price point to look for when evaluating vendors in a variety of areas. They know when you’re paying too much for things like gear rental. They can rely on their expertise to figure out the time required for an editing session and then offer realistic estimates on cost. So, under the supervision of a seasoned line producer, a project’s budget shapes up more efficiently and with less margin of error.

How to find the right line producer

Many video production companies offer line producing services. It’s important to look for those that understand at what stage in the process their role begins. At ECG Productions, our team can start visualizing a budget as soon as you have an idea for a video. Line production starts as soon as the script is locked! If you’ve got a budget in mind, no problem. Rely on our expertise to guide the project to the finish line under those parameters. Regardless of what stage in the process you’re in for your video project, ECG meets you where you are. 

With wide experience in the video industry, and a solid understanding of what it actually costs to create a video, ECG knows how to find fair and competitive rates to assist with a variety of other services related to production. We only work with vendors who offer appropriate rates, and can get you the right prices for any line item on a budget. Let us put our extensive knowledge of the production industry to work for you to keep you on budget for your next video project. Contact ECG today for more information.