Live Stream Video Production

The next time you’re at an event―be it a conference, convention, or concert―take time to really soak in what’s happening around you. The bright lights, the camaraderie, the socialization: it’s all a great spectacle! In today’s age of the “awakened consumer,” experiences are vital to catching and keeping audiences’ attention. And what better way to captivate people en masse than through a kick-ass event?

Events are a huge part of every major brand’s marketing efforts, and deservedly so. However, not every event can house thousands of attendees, even when demand is sky high. So, how do you provide the immediacy of a great event without overcrowding the good time?

Easy: with live stream video production.

Live Streaming Every Day, Your Way

As events and experiential marketing grows in popularity, live stream video production becomes an increasingly essential outlet to reach your audience. Giving your fans, your customers, your avid followers the chance to access your latest and greatest work is exciting. What better way satisfy the need for instant gratification than through immediate access?

Live stream video production is a staple here at ECG Productions. With over a decade of experience working with live video production, our kick-ass team has produced hundreds of hours of live content. We have the full capability to live stream video either through major platforms like YouTube Live, Periscope, or Facebook Live, or through your preferred private server. Regardless of your specifications, we’ve been there, done that, and will deliver quality live stream video every time!

Start Your Live Stream Video Journey Today!

When it comes to bolstering the impact of your event, live streaming is invaluable, not only will it let you reach new audiences on the day of the event, but it also creates content you can catalog for later! The importance simply cannot be overstated.

If you’re ready to increase your reach, if you’re ready to take the first step on an all-too-important journey for your brand, Entertainment Creative Group is ready to stream it!