VR Video Production

The advent of consumer virtual reality technology is a game changer for the world of entertainment, film, television, gaming, education and communication in general. You now have the power to harness the endless possibilities of fully immersive and interactive VR video content. Your brand, your product, your artist, your game, & your film just got way more interactive.

With accessible, affordable, high-end viewing options like the Oculus Rift, Samsung VR Gear, Sony Playstation VR, Microsoft HoloLens, LG 360 VR, and Google Daydream or Cardboard, your audience is ready and waiting to consume your cutting-edge VR content. Don’t get left on the sidelines of this rapidly emerging technology revolution. Make no mistake: the future of content is VR video production.

ECG Productions is committed to offering bleeding-edge VR video solutions using the latest VR cameras, VR video software and VR video production and post-production processes available. This technology is rapidly evolving, and you need a VR video production partner that’s keeping up with the latest advances and the hottest trends in the VR space. We’re not just looking at where VR technology is today: we’re looking at where it will be next month, next year and in five years. This isn’t a passing fad. VR video and 360 video are here to stay. If you’re not strategizing about how to harness their power for your content, your about to be left behind.

VR Video Production Atlanta Samsung Gear VR

Let’s face it – you can’t trust your VR content development budget to just anyone. With countless delivery options and platform specs, the idea of making the leap into the VR world can be a daunting task. The barriers to entry are getting lower every day, but that doesn’t mean that the landscape isn’t complicated and filled with pitfalls. We’re here at ECG Productions make the process not just effective, but also enjoyable. Working with an emerging technology should be fun, exciting and empowering. Just think of the possibilities that open up when you can literally transport your viewer into the scene you want them to experience, into the space you want them to explore, into the story you want to tell.

ECG Productions is ready to be your VR video partner. Let’s create something amazing together!